Vyasarajaru prathisthapana Hanuman

Sri Vyasarajaru pradisthapana Sri Hanuman @ Mulbhagal

Sri Vyasaraja was the favoured and respected Rajaguru of four emperors of historical Vijayanagar empire.  Sri Vyasaraja was also the guru of the likes of Kanakadasaand Purandaradasa. Over five hundred years ago Sri Vyasaraja consecrated 732 idols of Hanuman throughout our bharatha desha.It is of no doubt that he is one of the avatars of Sri Shankukarna(Avatars of Shankukarna are, i) Sri Prahaladharu ii) Sri Bhalika iii) Sri Vyasarajaru iv)Sri Raghavendra Swamy) My dream is to discover the places of all 732 idols of Hanuman with its location so that it would be useful for our devotees to visit. This page is created mainly to serve this purpose. Fortunately, today I had a dream of Sri Vyasarajaru prathisthapana Kakkalur Sri Hanuman devasthana. I consider this as the blessing of Sri Vyasarajaru antharkatha Sri Mukyapranaru antharkatha Sri Lakshmi Narayanaa.

The below are some of the idols which are known to me,

Click the below respective State to see temple location details: 

Andhra Pradesh




Andhra Pradesh

  1. Cholur Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Cholur    Cholur, Hindupur Taluk    Ananthapur    Andhra Pradesh
  2. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Penugonda    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Penugonda    Ananthapur    Andhra Pradesh
  3. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Penugonda    Old Sri Vyasaraja Mutt, Penugonda    Ananthapur    Andhra Pradesh
  4. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Penugonda    Uttaradi Mutt, Penugonda    Ananthapur    Andhra Pradesh
  5. Sri Sanjeevaraya Swamy    Penugonda    Penugonda    Ananthapur    Andhra Pradesh
  6. Uravaralu Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Penugonda    Yerramanchi Gate, Penugonda    Ananthapur    Andhra Pradesh
  7. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy    Gandi    Near Veerannagattupalle Village, (Papaghni River Near Vempalle)    Kadapa    Andhra Pradesh
  8. Sri Mangaraaya Anjaneya Swamy    Adoni    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Adoni    Kurnool    Andhra Pradesh
  9. Mangalapura Sri Pranadevaru    Adoni    Saraf Bazar, Adoni    Kurnool    Andhra Pradesh
  10.  Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Chippagiri    Sri Vijayadasarakatte, Chippagiri    Kurnool    Andhra Pradesh
  11.  Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Chintaravelu    Chintaravelu (Pedda), Near Gadwal    Mahabubnagar    Andhra Pradesh
  12.  Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hyderabad    Sri Ananthacharya Chatra, Near James Street Rly Stn, Ranigunj    Hyderabad    Andhra Pradesh
  13.  Sri PraNadevaru-Bichali-Around 20kms from Mantralayam-Kurnool Dist-AP
  14.  Sri Pranadevaru-Inside Sri Sugunendra Theerthara brindhavana-Chitoor-AP
  15. Sri Pranadevaru- Beachpalli, on the shore of Krishna river in Mahaboob Nagar district. (45 kms from Kurnool)
  16. Sri Pranadevaru-Kasapuram– Guntakal (Mandal) – Anantapur(District) – Andhra Pradesh – India 
  17. Sri Pranadevaru-About 4 K.M. from Hindupur, Anantapur(dt) A.P. 
  18. Sri Pranadevaru-Near to Hiindupur, in Santebidanur-A.P
  19. Sri Pranadevaru-Ananthagiri, Kishan Bagh, Near Attapur ring road, Hyderabad.
  20. Sri Pranadevaru-Beechpalli near Kothakota, Mahaboobnagar (on the banks of Krishna river) District of AP. 
  21. Sri Pranadevaru-Kasapuram Anjaneya temple, outskirts of Guntakal Junction, Anantapur Dist. AP.
  22. Dasa Anjaneya swamy(Kala HANUMAN),near Attapur,HYDERABAD,A.P[first installed by Janmejaya and later re-installed by Sri Vyasarajaru. This dakshin mukhi Hanuman has Shankha,Chakra on either side of him representing Vishnu avtara.]
  23. Sri Pranadevaru- Nemakal & Muradi – Anantapur Dist,Andhra Pradesh.
  24. Vyasaraja pratishtitha Lord Hanuma temple at a place called Maachavaram in Vijayawada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. Just opposite temple one can see a board stating the history of the temple in brief.



  1. Sri Jeeva Anjaneya Swamy    Ballary    Fort Main Road, Ballary    Ballary    Karnataka
  2. Sri Yantrodharaka Pranadevaru    Hampi    Chakrateertha, Hampi    Ballary    Karnataka
  3. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hampi    Near Stone Chariot, V V Temple, Hampi    Ballary    Karnataka
  4. Kote Sri Anjaneya    Hoovina Hadagali    Hoovina Hadagali    Ballary    Karnataka
  5. Sri Gaali Anjaneya    Bangalore    Byatarayanapura, Mysore Road, Bangalore    Bangalore    Karnataka
  6. Sri Kote Anjaneya    Bangalore    Fort Area, Near K R Market, Bangalore    Bangalore    Karnataka
  7. Sri Kannaspatre Pranadevaru    Bangalore    Opp. Minto Hospital, A V Road, Bangalore    Bangalore    Karnataka
  8. Sri Varadaanjaneya Swamy    Bangalore    RBI Layout, J P Nagar, 7th Phase, Bangalore    Bangalore    Karnataka
  9. Sri Sanjeevini Anjaneya Swamy    Bangalore    Ramohalli, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore    Bangalore    Karnataka
  10. Sri Aralumallige Gate Anjaneya    Doddaballapur    Car Street, Doddaballapur    Bangalore    Karnataka
  11. Dakshinamukhi Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Bhattlahalli    Bhattlahalli. Chintamani Taluk    Chikkaballapur    Karnataka
  12. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Gowdagere    Gowdagere    Chikkaballapur    Karnataka
  13. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Poshettyhalli    Poshettyhalli, Near Manchenahalli    Chikkaballapur    Karnataka
  14. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    S Gollahalli    S Gollahalli, Near Chikkaballapur    Chikkaballapur    Karnataka
  15. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Chitradurga    Near Akka Thangiyara Honda, Fort (On Top of Hill)    Chitradurga    Karnataka
  16. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Chitradurga    Vidyanagar, Past Railway Station on Highway to Davanagere    Chitradurga Karnataka
  17. Bettada Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Melukote (Chitradurga Fort), Next to Sri Gopalaswamy Temple,Chitradurga    Karnataka
  18. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Maradihalli    Maradihalli, Hiriyur Taluk    Chitradurga    Karnataka
  19. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Davanagere    Shivaji Circle, Opp. Durgamba Temple    Davanagere    Karnataka
  20. Pethe Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Harihar    Harihar    Davanagere    Karnataka
  21. Sri Rayara Praanadevaru    Dharwad    Kolikere Oni, Hosa Yellapur    Dharwad    Karnataka
  22. Sri Maruti Swamy    Hubli    Nagashettykoppa, Near Ramesh Bhavan    Dharwad    Karnataka
  23. Sri Anjaneyaswamy    Kurabagatti    After Narendra, Dharwad Taluk    Dharwad    Karnataka
  24. Sri Anjaneyaswamy    Navalagund    Navalagund, Dharwad Taluk    Dharwad    Karnataka
  25. Sri Hanumantha    Nuggikere    Nuggikere, Near Dharwad (After SDM Engg College)    Dharwad    Karnataka
  26. Sri Moda Maruti    Kakolu    Kakolu (6 Km from Rajanukunte on Doddaballapur Road)    Doddaballapur    Karnataka
  27. Jeevada Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Korlahalli    Uttaradi Mutt, Korlahalli, Mundargi Taluk    Gadag    Karnataka
  28. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Gurumutkal    Thimmanna Temple, Gurumutkal, Yadgir Taluk    Gulbarga    Karnataka
  29. Sri Mukhya Pranadevaru    Belur    Sri Chennakeshava Temple, Belur    Hassan    Karnataka
  30. Sri Srinivasa Anjaneya Swamy    Keralapura    Keralapura, Holenarasipur Taluk    Hassan    Karnataka
  31. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Mosale Hosahalli    Mosale Hosahalli, Hassan Taluk    Hassan    Karnataka
  32. Sri Vyasa Anjaneya Swamy    Ramanathapura    Ramanathapura, Arkalgud Taluk    Hassan    Karnataka
  33. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Haveri    Just Off P B Road (Before Junction for Sirsi) Opp Petrol Bunk    Haveri    Karnataka
  34. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Haveri    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt (On wall) inside town    Haveri    Karnataka
  35. Bayalu Sri Maruthi    Ranibennur    Close to overflow (Kodi) end of Tank (on highway)    Haveri    Karnataka
  36. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Ranibennur    Bhavana Mutt (Just off M G Road)    Haveri    Karnataka
  37. Ooru Baagilu Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hiriyur    Inside Town    Hiriyur    Karnataka
  38. Sri Maruti    Bhandiwada    Near Hubli (suburban)    Hubli    Karnataka
  39. Suddakunte Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Malur    Malur    Kolar    Karnataka
  40. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Narasimhateertha    Sri Sripadaraja Mutt, Narasimhateertha, Mulabagil    Kolar    Karnataka
  41. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tambihalli    Sri Madhavateertha Mutt, Tambihalli    Kolar    Karnataka
  42. Bidda Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Bhoruka    Bhoruka, Koppal Taluk    Koppal    Karnataka
  43. Sri Maruti Swamy    Chikkavankalakunte    Chikkavankalakunte, Yelaburga Taluk    Koppal    Karnataka
  44. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hemagudda    Hemagudda, Gangavati-Budugumpa Road    Koppal    Karnataka
  45. Kote Sri Anjaneya    Tavergeri    Tavergeri, Kushtagi Taluk    Koppal    Karnataka
  46. Sri Anjaneya Swamy (Galageshwara)    Tavergeri    Tavergeri, Kushtagi Taluk    Koppal    Karnataka
  47. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Karighatta    Karighatta, Srirangapatna Taluk    Mandya    Karnataka
  48. Holekere Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Maddur    Maddur    Mandya    Karnataka
  49. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Melukote    Srivari Dodda Kalyani, Melukote    Mandya    Karnataka
  50. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Srirangapatna    Dodda Ghosai Ghat, Srirangapatna    Mandya    Karnataka
  51. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Srirangapatna    Sri Rangantha Temple, Srirangapatna    Mandya    Karnataka
  52. Sri Janmaanjaneya Swamy    Bannur    Bannur, T Narasipur Taluk    Mysore    Karnataka
  53. Sri Nadi Dada Anjaneya Swamy    Hanasoge    Hanasoge, K R Nagar Taluk    Mysore    Karnataka
  54. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    K R Nagar    Sri Anjaneya Block, K R Nagar    Mysore    Karnataka
  55. Sri Kote Anjaneya Swamy    Mysore    Palace Gate, Mysore    Mysore    Karnataka
  56. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Nanjangud    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Nanjangud    Mysore    Karnataka
  57. Sri Veeraanjaneya Swamy    Saligrama    Saligrama, K R Nagar Taluk    Mysore    Karnataka
  58. Sri Veeraanjaneya Swamy    T Narasipur    T Narasipur    Mysore    Karnataka
  59. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Gabburu    Gabburu, Devadurga Taluk    Raichur    Karnataka
  60. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hirekottekal    Hirekottekal, Manvi Taluk    Raichur    Karnataka
  61. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kadluru    Kadluru, Raichur Taluk    Raichur    Karnataka
  62. Sri Anjaneya Swamy (Kuppibhimarya)    Lingasugur    Kasaba Lingasugur    Raichur    Karnataka
  63. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Mudagal    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mudagal    Raichur    Karnataka
  64. Sri Vyasaprathistitha Mukhyaprana    Raichur    Gajagara Pethe, Raichur    Raichur    Karnataka
  65. Kadu Sri Maruti    Sindhanuru    Sindhanuru    Raichur    Karnataka
  66. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Abbur    Kundapur Vyasaraja Mutt, Abbur, Channapatna Taluk    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  67. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Bidadi    (Padampur) Off Bidadi, Ramanagar Road    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  68. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Brahmanyapura    Brahmanyapura, Near Channapatna    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  69. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Channapatna    Sri Vyasraja Mutt, Channapatna    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  70. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Channapatna    Fort Area, Channapatna    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  71. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Channapatna Next to Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Fort, Channapatna Karnataka
  72. Sri Sanjeevaraya Swamy    Devarahosahalli    Devarahosahalli, (Near Abbur) Channapatna Taluk    Ramnagar
  73. KarnatakaSri Anjaneya Swamy    Dodda Gangawadi    Dodda Gangawadi, Channapatna-Kunigal Road    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  74. Kote Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Harohalli    Harohalli, Kanakapura Taluk    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  75. Holekatte Mukhyapranadevaru    Kanakapura    Kanakapura    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  76. Sri Kengal Anjaneya Swamy    Kengal    Kengal, Channapatna Taluk    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  77. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Makali    Makali, Channapatna-Kunigal Road    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  78. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Malurpatna    Malurpatna, Channapatna Taluk    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  79. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Ramnagar    Agrahara, Ramanagar    Ramnagar    Karnataka
  80. Kerekodi Anjaneya Swamy    Sagar    Near Tank Bund, Sagar    Shimoga    Karnataka
  81. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Shimoga    Timmappana Koppalu, Shimoga    Shimoga    Karnataka
  82. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Shimoga    (1) Shivappa Nayak Palace Museum, Shimoga    Shimoga    Karnataka
  83.  Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Shimoga    (2) Shivappa Nayak Palace Museum, Shimoga    Shimoga    Karnataka
  84. Gavi Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sira    Opp. Court Building, Older idol behind a new one installed    Sira    Karnataka
  85. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sira    Next to Town Police Station    Sira    Karnataka
  86. Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Chikkanahalli,Tumkur-Sira Highway (11 Kms from Tumkur) – Tumkur Karnataka
  87. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Garani    Garani, Madhugiri Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  88. Kodi Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hanumanthanagara    Hanumanthanagara, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  89. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hebbur    Hebbur, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  90. Pethe Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hebbur    Hebbur, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  91. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hosuru    Hanumantarayanakatte, Hosuru, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  92. Veera Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kalammagiri    Kalammagiri, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  93. Kere Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kalyanapura    Kalyanapura, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  94. Kotebaagilu Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kunigal    Kunigal    Tumkur    Karnataka
  95. Kote Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kunigal    Kunigal    Tumkur    Karnataka
  96. Sri Sholada Anjaneya Swamy    Near Gulur    Near Gulur, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    Karnataka
  97. Kote Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Pavagada    Pavagada    Tumkur    Karnataka
  98. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt (Kyathsandra)    Tumkur    Karnataka
  99. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Mandipet, Behind Row of Textile Shops (Vasavamba Hall)    Tumkur    Karnataka
  100. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Sri Vyasraja Mutt, Chikpet, Tumkur    Tumkur    Karnataka
  101. Sri Bayalaanjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Anjaneya Layout, Near Tumkur Tank (Kere) (Hanumantpura)    Tumkur    Karnataka
  102. Sri pranadevaru    raichur    in gajgarpet opp to uttaradi matha    raichur    karnataka
  103. Sri Vari Maruthi    Achanoor    Alamatti dam road    Bagalkot    karnataka
  104. Sri PraNadevaru    Tulsigeri    6 Kms from Gaddankeri cross(bagalkot cross) on NH-218    Bagalkot    Karnataka
  105. Sri PraNadevaru-Khadi gramudyog-Bengeri-Hubli-Karnataka
  106. Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy    Bangalore    Katriguppa, BSK 3rd Stage, 6th Block, Bangalore    Bangalore    Karnataka
  107. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hampi    Rajagopura of Sri Virupaksha Temple, Hampi    Ballary    KarnatakSri Anjaneya Swamy Irakasandra,near devarayanadurga ,Tumkur     Karnataka
  108. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Inside Sri Trivikrima Sannidhana,Sode Sri Vadiraja Mutt, Sirsi Taluk,Karnataka 
  109. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Outside Sri Trivikrima Sannidhana,Sode Sri Vadiraja Mutt, Sirsi Taluk,Karnataka 
  110. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Sri Lakshmi Narayana devasthana(installed by Sri Vyasaraja),Sode, Sirsi Taluk,Karnataka 
  111. Sri Anjaneya Swamy, NUGGIKERI,Dharwad, Karnataka
  113. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Banasawadi, Bangalore
  114. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Belagur, Kadut Taluk, Chickamagalur District.
  115. Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Mahalaksmi layout, Mahalakshmipura, Bangalore.
  116. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,harapanahalli called hosahalli hanumappa,Karnataka.
  117. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,next at kellodu in hosadurga tauk,Karnataka.
  118. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Shamanur,Davangare,Karnataka.
  119. SRI BATTERESHA,temple at Hillrock,Badami,Bagalakot Dist,Karnataka.
  120. Bala bheem devasthan,devar nimbargi tq-indi dist-bijapura,40kms from Bijapur,karnataka.
  121. Sri Anjaneya temple,Kamyanahalli koratagree tq ,Tumkur dist,Karnataka.
  122. Sri Anjaneya,Kanavi Honnapur Near Hubli, Karnatak. It is on the NH4 bypass from Gabbur to Dharwad.
  123. Bommagatta Sri Anjeneya swamiSri Hulikunteshswamy devasthana,Bommagatta, Sandur Taluk, Bellary district.
  124. Sri Anjaneya,Kappekone, near Heggodu,Shimoga dt, Karnataka.
  125. Sri Anjaneya Temple in Puttenahalli,J P Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore.
  126. Sri Jeevuraya Mukhyaprana devaru Temple, Baguru, Hosadurga Taluk, Karnataka
  127. Sri Anjaneya,Mavinakaihalli,Gouribidnaur Taluk, Karnataka.1km from the statehighway that goes from Chickaballapur to Gouribidnur via Manchenahalli.
  128. Anjaneya inside the Vasantha Vallabha Raya swamy devasthana at Vasanthapura, Bangalore.
  129. Anjaneya,Nelamangala, Brahmin Street ,near Bangalore.
  130. Anjaneya,Kodi Circle, Kote,Tiptur,Tumkur dist,Karnataka.Pin 572201.
  131.  Anjaneya,Santhebidanur which was installed first by Janamejaya and later got re-installed by Sri Vyasarajaru.This is roughly around 100kms from Bangalore.
  133. Anjaneya Swamy,Ramasagara village, near Hampi.
  135. Sri Sanjeeva Raya near manvi enroute chikalparvi, Raichur district karnataka.This is the place where Sri Raghavendra Swamy performed his second chaturmasya.
  136. Yellgureisha Hanuman, Yellagur,Karnataka.
  137. Sri Maruti devasthan ,Sunnal,5 k.m. away from Ramadurga,Belgaum Dist,Karnataka.
  138. Sri Maruti devasthan ,Kallolital,Gokak,Belgaum Dist,Karnataka.
  139. Sri. Maruti devasthana,Kulgodtal. Gokak,Belgaum Dist,Karnataka.
  140. Sri Maruthi,Ganjigunte near Chintamani Chikabalapur Dist,Karnataka.
  141. Sri Prana devaru in sugatta village near hunse marenhalli on the outskirts of Bangalore city on the way to Bangalore international airport.
  142. Old Anjaneya temple in our Village – Doddankanahalli in Maddur Taluk of Mandya District. Elderly folks claim it to be around 500-600 yrs old. The Idol of deity is very similar to the others installed by Sri Vyasarajaru. There are some stone inscriptions besides the temple, which are probably in halegannada (old Kannada).A scholarly review of these inscription might confirm if the deity is actually installed by his holiness Chandrikacharya.
  143. Sri Madalagatta Anjaneya is also installed by vyasarayaru, its 12 km away from hoovina hadagali, Bellary dist.
  145. Sri Vyasaraja pratistitha Mukya pranadevaru at Kadagathuru, Madhugiri Talluk, Tumukur dist. It is a boarder village for Karnataka. It is one mile from Santebidanuru in Andhrapradesh Hindupur talluk.
  146. Sri Vyasaraja teertharu installed haunan temple near Sunnadahalli (Shimoga dt), It is around 14 kms from shimoga called Udda Anjaneya swamy temple. Very beautiful, wonderful mammoth statue.



  1. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Chennai,Inside Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane,Chennai    Tamilnadu
  2. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kakkalur    Kakalur (3 Km from Tiruvallur), Tiruvallur is 45 Km from Chennai    Chennai    Tamilnadu
  3. Sri Veera Mangala Anjaneya Swamy,Nallattoor Village, Tiruttani Taluk (Khushasthala River)    Thiruvallur    Tamilnadu
  4. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tiruvannamalai    Tiruvannamalai    Tiruvannamalai    Tamilnadu
  5. Sri PraNadevaru    Tiruppur    Park Road    Tiruppur    Tamilnadu
  6. Sri PraNadevaru    Andhilli    5kms from Thirukovilur    Tirukovilur    Tamilnadu
  7. Sri PraNadevaru    Parikkal    23kms from Villupuram    Villupuram    Tamilnadu
  8. Sri PraNadevaru    Ambasamudram    Banks of river Tamrabharani    Tirunelveli    Tamilnadu
  9. Sri PraNadevaru – vysaraja matha – Range gowdar street-Coimbatore- Tamilnadu:Contact mr.sundarajan 09443049649.Click here to view pictures
  10. Sri PraNadevaru – Perur temple- Coimbatore- Tamilnadu:Contact mr.sundarajan 09443049649
  11. Sri PraNadevaru-Idugampalayam-Coimbatore- Tamilnadu :Contact mr.sundarajan 09443049649
  12. Sri PraNadevaru-Mathur-on Tirupattur-Dharmapuri road-Tamilnadu
  13. Sri PraNadevaru-Kannadapalayam near mathur-Tamilnadu
  14. Sri PraNadevaru-Karnattam – between Ulundurpet-Vriddachalam-Tamilnadu
  15. Sri PraNadevaru-Inside Sarangapani Temple-Kumbakonam-Tamilnadu
  16. Sri PraNadevaru-Musuri,Tiruchy-Namakkal Road-Tamilnadu
  17. Sri PraNadevaru-Perundurai – Near Perundurai Bus Stand-Erode-Tamilnadu
  18. Sri PraNadevaru-Sri YogaLakshmiNarasimhar Temple-Chintalavadi-between Tiruchinapalli – Karur,Tamilnadu
  19. Kadu Sri Hanumantharaya Swami,Dharapuram,Tamilnadu
  20. Sri PraNadevaru-Kallanai- between the Erode and Salem districts,Tamilnadu
  21. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy,Tiruvadisvaran pettai, High Road post office,Triplicane,Chennai,Tamilnadu
  22. Sri Anjaneya Swamy-Sri Satya Vijaya Theerthara Moola brindhavana-Satyavijaya Nagar (From Arani 10 kms),Tamilnadu
  23. Sri Anjaneya Swamy-Kallakurichi-Villupuram Dist-Tamilnadu.To see photo album:Click here
  24. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy-Guindy-Chennai-Tamilnadu Landmark:Beach to Tambaram trains will ply via Guindy; get down @ Guindy. Temple is situated just walkable distance from Guindy railway station.  Temple is situated in MKN road, opposite to Guindy Industrial Estate.
  25. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy-Porur-Chennai-Tamilnadu Landmark:Temple is situated in Chennai PORUR ,enroute from Guindy to Poonamallee  near Porur Police Station and Porur Government High School.
  26. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy-Dharmaraja Koil Street-Tirupattur-Vellore Dist, Tamilnadu – 635601.Mobile : +91 98946 53566
  27. Sri Anjaneya Swamy-Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple-Thoppu Street-Kumbakonam-Tamilnadu
  28. Sapthaswara Anjayaneyar,Sri Vanamutti Perumal,Road from Mayiladuthurai to Kumbakonam,Kozhikuthi Village,Mayiladuthurai – 609 001,Tamilnadu.Road map click here Ph : 04364 – 223395 / 98424 23395
  29. Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Sri Satyanatha Tirtha Moola Brindhavana, Veeracholapuram,Tamilnadu(Veeracholapuram is 15 kms away from Tirukoilure. Bus facilities are available to Veeracholapuram from Tirukoilure).Click here to see the map 
  30. Sri Vyasa Hanumantha Temple, No.50, Ratri chatram,Near Karavaika,Erode-638001,Tamilnadu
  31. Sri Hanumantha Swamy,Inside Sri Ranganatha Swamy,Entrance right hand side top,Srirangam,Tamilnadu
  32. Sri Hanumantha Swamy,Inside Sri Ranganatha Swamy,Near Chandrapushkarani Tank,Srirangam,Tamilnadu.  About the greatness of 31&3It is said that Sri Vyasarajaru started writing his holy grantha “Sri Nyayamruta” inside Sri Ranganatha Swamy,Srirangam after doing pratistha of Sri Hanumantha devaru. Its also said Sri Purandaradasaru was right with this great saint, when the holy grantha was started from the golden hands of this beautiful saint.
  33. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami,4kms from Kelambakkam(between Kelambakkam-Vandalur road),behind TAFE company,Chennai.To see photo album:Click here
  34. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami,Inside Ulagaanda perumal,Tirukoilur,Villupuram Dist,Tamilnadu
  35. Sanjeevi Rayar Temple,Ayyangarkulam,near Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu
  36. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami, Salem’s First Agraharam,Vyasaraja mutt,Salem,Tamilnadu(Sri Vyasaraja, Sri Jayatheertha and Sri Ragavendra Mruthikka Brindhavanas are also installed.)
  37. KATTANJANEYA DEVARU,Krishnagiri Dist,Tamilnadu
  38. Sri Anjenaya and and Sri Varadharajaperumal Temple at Markayankottai, Theni Dist, Tamilnadu
  39. Sri Mukyapranaswamy Temple at Genguvarpatti, Theni Dist, Tamilnadu 625203.
  40. Sri Anjenyaswamy temple in the banks of a pond at Watrap, Virudhunagar Dist,Tamilnadu.
  41. SREE VEERA ANJANEYAR Temple At krishnagiri district,Address:SRI SITA RAMA SAMEDHA SRI VEERA ANJANEYA,Paravasu deva iyar street,old pet krishnagiri Tamil nadu
  42. Srirangam Ellaikarai Hanumar–Who is the Saakshi for the famous Vaishnava – Shaiva land dispute of Srirangam settled by Sri Vyararajaru, by holding a breathe from Sri ranganatha temple moolavar and walked about 4 KMS away to Thiruvanai Koil Water tank and determined that Srirangam’s Ellai ( Border). It is in Vyasaraja Mutt control???!! and in Panguni Brahmosthavam Namperumal visits to this place on 8th Ettam Thirunal – Ellaikarai. Beacuse of this only still we are respected in SRGM. This incident is recorded in Sri Vyasa Yogi Charitre by Champukavi
  43. Sri Anjenyaswamy temple,Maambalasalai – T junction,Trichy,Tamilnadu.
  44. Karur Thanthondrimalai Sri Kalyana Venkatramana Swami temple – If you come as pradhikshina after seeing Lord, there in small temple
  45. Near Pondicherry, Villiyanoor near by village a Srinivasar temple is there. In that temple prakaram Hanumar with Sikha, Gante, A triangle are there which are normal symbols of Sri Vyasarajara prathiste
  46. Sri Hanuman,Thirukovalur via TV Malai route- open atmosphere
  47. Anjaneya temple in village Binnamangalawhicht,situated at Denkanikotta taluq,Dharmapuri District,Via Thali Hosour .About 12 KM from Hosour Bus stand.Abot 8 Km from Anekal(Bangalore dist). Near Muthyala Maduvu.It is situated near border of Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.The Idol Of Sri AnjaneyaSwamy carved on garudagamba & known as Kambada Anjaneya
  48. Chandrika Anjaneyar of Srirangam is the one which is near Dwajasthamba, Kodi Yettra Mandapam. 
  49. Chinthalavadi – in fact 2 Pranadevaru side by side – One Bhakasura  Vadha, other Mukhya Prana.
  50. Hanumantha,Sl 16> Pranadevaru , Musiri at TamilNadu – contact Person Anandatheerthan
  51. Sri AnumandarayaSwamy Thirukoil,Idugampalayam, Thimmanur (post) Sirumugai – 641 302.Click here to know more
  52. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami of Shenbakkam Navabrindhavana,Vellore,Tamilnadu.Click here to know in detail.
  53. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami, Moola brindhavana of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru,Karapoondi,Polur,Thiruvannamalai Dist.Click here to know more.
  54. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami[Sri Vijayaraghavar Ramar Koil], Cheyyar,Tiruvannamalai. Opp: to Bus Stand one In Gally road named Samaathyan Kulam (Actually It is Sampaathiyan Kulam, Sampathi of Ramayana Kala) 
  55. Two statues of Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami[Gopinatha Krishnan Koil ], Patteeswaram,Kumbakonam,



Disclaimer: The above given list is the courtesy of me and the devotees of Hari Vayugalu through phone as well as through comments here.I will not be responsible for the validity of the information which is given above.Devotees are requested to visit and please correct us,in case of any change.

–In the service of Lord Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu,

Venkatesh Rajendra Rao

Click here to visit my Spiritual blog on Tatvavadha
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-May the great teacher,Sri VyasaTirtha,be our guide&protector,to grant all our desires.

 || Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu||


174 thoughts on “Vyasarajaru prathisthapana Hanuman

  1. havent you visited the vyasa karachita pranadevaru in and around raichur and bellary districts.? in raichur disrtict we have many vyasa thirtha karachitha pranadevaru

  2. Venky, during our child hood we used to play always Swamiji’s Game, in which I’l be Swamiji and others are Sevakas. We all the boys had installed a small hanuman temple in our home. It temple was just bigger than a small carton box. We named the temple as “Sri Vyasarja Pratishtita Pranadevaru” (And of course we got a lot of dakshine for doing mangalarati.) The temple got demolished in our quarrel, but the icon is still with me.

  3. Sir,
    I thank you for the excellent seva you people are doing to bring together all the Madhvas under one roof.

    • Can we get a little broader in our thinking? Let’s say BRAHMANAS instead of narrowing it down. There is a greater need these days to be united. I mean no offense.

  4. Dear,
    Fisrt of i thank you for gathering this much information ,and one more thing is i try my level to take ashirvada of all prana devaru which u have listed.

    All the best for your future projects.

    Shridhar K R

      • Namaste

        I had a chance to visit this sanjeevi rayar temple in iyangarkulam last thursday. Fortunately since it was amavasya day, they were doing thirumanjanam to the main deity and for the first time I was able to observe vayu putra hanuman idol in closer distance. The tail had winded up above the head in this idol – possibly indicating that this can be one of the 732 prathistapana of Sri Vyasa raja – since all others also follow the same pattern.

        Sarvam Sri Krishnar panamastu


      • i am DR.NARESH FROM CHENNAI VILLIVAKKAM. I CRY EVERY DAY AND FEEL THAt anjeneya is my spritual father and he leads me in life.
        with small blessings and way of life i made a vey small temple called vaidya anjeneyan . it inside our house compund. every sat day i clean him and make him shiny with ghee.
        i love so much my maruthi and i know and tell all that he is still holding his avatar in kaliyug and he is the only one to save us.
        jai maruthy. who ever sees this msg pls bless me to do more. my dream is to make anjeneya idol around 108 ft. i know it is just a dream. but in my dream i stsarted this project.

    • Indeed the famous Sanjeevirayar idol was one of the 732 installed by the great rajaguru Sri Vyasaraja guru sarvabhouma. Sri Vyasarajaru was the rajaguru for the mighty Srikrishadeva raya of Hampi Vijayanagar. Sri Tatachar was a contemporary of Sri Vyasarajaru. Sanjeevirayar idol follows the the pattern of other Vyasa prathista Pranadevaru. The bell at the end of a curled tail of Anjaneya indicates it is Vyasa prathista. Ayyangars have taken this idol and made it as their own by putting namas on the idol face. The idol of Bhasma dhari idol is that of Sriman Madhwacharya. Sri Vyasaraja defeated all the scholars of Adwaitic and Vishistadwaitic following in Kanchi puram and proceeded to install SAnjeevirayar temple near Kanchipuram. Over the years the mischivous Ayyangars and Smarthas have combined to convert the temple as per their own tradition. At that time Sri Vyasaraja was an undisputed scholar in Hinduism.Sri Vyasaraja did puja for Lord Venkateshwara when the immoral Ayyangar priests were using the temple for their private use. This is history and no body can denay it. Vyasaraja was a generous man and handed over Tirupathi temple to the decendents of Ayyangar priests after doing puja for 12 years.

      • when vyasaraja came to Thriupathi, there is no iyyangar priest there. That’s why he carried all pujas for 12 years. Then, he handed over to suitable Iyangar priest..If he thought,he would changed to madwa tradition. but, He didn’t do it. It showed his generous nature. This is real history. Donot twist it and not show hatred towards other sect of Vasinavs.

    • check out shanka chakra stone carved symbols at the entrance pillar or at on either top side of deity itself please

  5. A very useful list of pranadeva temples. Your efforts will be blessed. Thank you !

    I have a question. Have you ever heard of Purana pranadevara temple. (Purana as in pouranika)

  6. Hare Srinivasa

    It is a very useful list. There is another Pranadevaru in Mantralaya Road Station Rayar Matt it is also having Shanka Chakra and all, one more in Baati Near Harihar, Kakol Near Bangalore, Harohalli Farm Near to Kakol around kakol only there are 32 Pranadevaru is there. Sirikola (3 Mantralaya),Honnali
    still many more are there

  7. Hare Srinivasa,
    Very very useful and important information. There is another Pranadevaru in BHADRAVATHI -OUT SKIRTS by the side of State highway(SHIMOGA DISTRICT) called SUNNADAHALLI VEERANJANEYA SWAMY.

  8. As I know from elders in my home town Mulabagilu, Sri Vyasa Tirtharu installed 365 idols of Mukhya Prana from Hampi to Tirupati. The idol with the tail circling on top of Mukhya prana’s head with a small bell is supposed to be the one installed by him.

  9. Sir, Please visit my blog //mukhyaprana.blogspot.com. i have collected around 90 photos of mukhyapranadevaru at different places

  10. Dear brother,
    Good work.

    Please note that there is one Hanumanthaiyya installed by Sri Vyasaraja in Salem’s First Agraharam – Vyasaraja mutt.
    In the recent times, (1985) alongwith the Hanumanthaiyya, Sri Vyasaraja, Sri Jayatheertha and Sri Ragavendra Mruthikka Brindhavanas are also installed.

    May your work continue.


  11. Good to see the list of Hanuman temples. Very good effort. I suggest to add few more.
    1. The famous Banasawadi Anjaneya temple in Banasawadi, Bangalore.
    2. Belagur Anjaneya Temple in Belagur, Kadut Taluk, Chickamagalur District.

    • Mahalakshmi Layout Anjaneya Swamy is not linked to Vyasarajaru at all. I have seen the temple trustees getting the stone carved in early 1970s. Krishna Murthy Rao and N. Lakshman Rau, IAS were the key persons behind this temple and idol. Please remove from this list.

  12. hare srinivasa,
    kudos for giving the list of giving the sri vyasa prathista hanuman.one at harapanahalli called hosahalli hanumappa and next at kellodu in hosadurga tauk and another at shamanur near davangere also belong to same.

  13. hare krishna
    sir there arwe around 10 idols of MUKYAPRANA DEVARU in and around hosur. i think it may be useful to you.

  14. I saw ur website and we had some datas are available at three places in tamilnadu.Three Anjenaya idols are the same charteristics and form. The three anjenaya temples have been installed in the same period by Sri Vyasararajaru and who helped to install the idols by the then Queen Rani Mangammal.
    1.Sri Anjenaya and and Sri Varadharajaperumal Temple at Markayankottai, Theni Dist, Tamilnadu.
    2.Sri Mukyapranaswamy Temple at Genguvarpatti, Theni Dist, Tamilnadu 625203.
    3.Sri Anjenyaswamy temple in the banks of a pond at watrap, Virudhunagar Dist, T

    • I visited the temple at Maarkaiyankottai recently and was informed by the temple Bhattacharya that the Mukhya Pransswamy was installed by Shri Sumatheendra of Raghavendra Mutt and not by Vyasaraja. Shri Sumatheendra installed 5 Anjaneya idols in this part, the other 4 being Genguvarpatti, Watrap, Vellapottai & Aayiradharmam. This was informed to me by the Raghavendra Mutt manager at Markaiyankottai.

  15. Hare Srinivasa

    The collections of vyasaraja Pratistita mukyaPranadevarugalu is an excellent good and very much helPful job for madwas and the same have required hardwork and much Patience as such the madwas are very grateful to you sir./

  16. Hello Sir,
    There is a Anjaneya Temple located at Mayor Chittibabu Street, Triplicane. The Anjaneya idol is one of the 732 idols installed by Vyasaraja. The temple is situated near Tiruvetteswarar Temple, Triplicane. The anjaneya here is ver small but very powerful and gracious.

  17. Vyasaraja Pratistita mukyaPranadevarugalu in Hyderabad

    people call it as kala hanuman mandir as hanuman is smeared with sindoor in non madhva hanuman temples
    as it does not require daily abhishekam etc black idols require regular abhisheka etc

    wikimapia link


  18. Respected Sir,


    At the outset, kindly accept my sincere appreciation for the yeoman services that you are rendering to the Madhwa Samaja.

    I am planning a “Mukhya Prana Samputa”, where in I want to collect the Mahime of Sri Vyau Devaru, Sri Hanuman, Sri Bheemasena Devaru & Acharya Madhwaru as detailed in various Puranas, Vedas, Upanishads, Sumadhwa Vijaya & Devaranaamas. Also,I want to give the maximum possible information on the idols of Sri Mukhya Prana installed by Sri Vyasarajaru & other punya purusharu. In addition to above, I want to collect the experiences of individual Bhaktas who have performed the Sevas of Mukhya Prana & who are blessed.

    In this regard, request your help in collating all these informations. Please help me with whatever information that you have about Sri Mukhya Prana.

    Best Regards,


  19. Hare Srinivasa,

    Kasapuram – Guntakal (Mandal) – Anantapur(District) – Andhra Pradesh – India

    This is another famous Anjaneya temple in Guntakal pratishtapane by Sri VyasaRajaru.

    Jai Bharateesha,

  20. Pl. note that in Bijapur district some more famous old Anjaneya temples are available. Total 11 famous temples around Bijapur. Halagani ( near Bableshwar ), Govinadinne ( near Bilgi )

  21. hi there is one more famous anjaneya temple (bala bheem devasthan) in devar nimbargi tq-indi dist-bijapura just 40 km from bijapur

  22. sir.

    There is one old and famous anjanaya temple in kamyanahalli koratagree tq Tumkur dist showing all three avataras Hunama Bheema, Madhawa,


  23. great try, god will be with you in your efforts….don worry.
    do you personally know of any ramhanuman temple near Nagamangala?

  24. There are two quite old Anjaneyar(Hanuman) temples in Chengalpattu, TamilNadu. Possibly these two Hanuman temples were by Vyasarajar.



  25. Sri Hari

    Great job!Hats off to you,you have really taken lot of efforts for this compilation .We pray to Lord Krishna that you continue your journey on this spiritual path and guide lots of people like us.

  26. very much thrilled to see so many temple around us, very few we have visited. thank you so much, hope that the list will be completed very soon.

  27. Hare Srinivasa

    Kindly note that out of 732 idols of vyasaraja prasthistapisalpatta mukhya prana devaru is at Yeliyur, Kunigal Taluk, Tumkur District.

  28. Hare Srinivasa,
    There is a prana devuru temple named as SREE VEERA ANJANEYAR Temple At krishnagiri district which is also one of idols of sri vyasa rajar
    Paravasu deva iyar street
    old pet krishnagiri Tamil nadu

    Aravind@ Narasimha murthy Hosur

  29. I have seen a temple of Lord Anjaneya in Kappekone, near Heggodu (Shimoga dt, Karnataka) which is by all probability a Vyasaraja pratishtane. <>
    Moderator note: External links will be filtered. Sorry for the inconvenience. hare Narasimha

  30. <>
    Namaskara Venkatesh,

    PL add the following too

    – Srirangam – Ellaikarai Hanumar – Who is the Saakshi for the famous
    Vaishnava – Shaiva land dispute of Srirangam settled by Sri
    Vyararajaru, by holding a breathe from Sri ranganatha temple moolavar
    and walked about 4 KMS away to Thiruvanai Koil Water tank and
    determined that Srirangam’s Ellai ( Border). It is in Vyasaraja Mutt
    control???!! and in Panguni Brahmosthavam Namperumal visits to this
    place on 8th Ettam Thirunal – Ellaikarai. Beacuse of this only still
    we are respected in SRGM. This incident is recorded in Sri Vyasa Yogi
    Charitre by Champukavi
    – Trichy Maambalasalai – T junction vayudevaru
    – Chinthalavadi – in fact 2 Pranadevaru side by side – One Bhakasura
    Vadha, other Mukhya Prana
    – Karur Thanthondrimalai Sri Kalyana Venkatramana Swami temple – If
    you come as pradhikshina after seeing Lord, there in small temple
    – Near Pondicherry, Villiyanoor near by village a Srinivasar temple is
    there. In that temple prakaram Hanumar with Sikha, Gante, A triangle
    are there which are normal symbols of Sri Vyasarajara prathiste
    – Enroute to Thirukovalur via TV Malai route, once traveling in Car, a
    very bad route, but passed via village. There Hanuman is there in open
    – It is learnt that around some 300 Pradevaru are i and around Penukonda itself
    – Many more should be there in North, for which details are awaited.
    Vyasa Kasi ? name because of Him?


  31. I have read all the comments above. Please any one who will read this reply me, what we got having this huge adyatma property which was given by Sri Vyasarajaru. I request every one to unite to save and develop the and make a hub of Prana devaru temples


  32. Namaskara,
    There is a Anjaneya Temple in Puttenahalli J P Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore, The archik says that the temple is 500 yrs old & Sri Vyasarajaru had done penance there. I have visited it couple of times recently,though not fully developed, there is a sense of attraction in the idol & it also has a bellin the tail some believeitis one among Sri Vyasarajara 732 idols.Please verify or validate as this is heard from the archik & devotees.

  33. Out of the 732 idols of Hanuman consecrated by Sri Vysarayaru, about 350 are said to be in PENUKONDA, Antantapur (Dt). Unfortunately now we can find a few of them .The Hanuman Temple at the Uttara dwara (at the main entrance to the town) one of the biggest pratimas, is quite interesting to watch.
    About 4 K.M. from Hindupur, Anantapur(dt) A.P. in Sugur, there is one idol of Hanuman, consecrated by Sri Vysarayaru.
    Near to Hiindupur, in Santebidanur, also there are Hanuman Idols consecrated by Sri vysarayaru.

  34. Sri Jeevuraya Mukhyaprana devaru Temple, Baguru, Hosadurga Taluk, Karnataka, Many people spell it wrongly and because of that it is unknown to people, This temple is near by chennakeshava swamy temple which is very famous and approximately around 700-800 years old

  35. Pranamgalu

    There is a Anjaneya temple in our village Binnamangalawhicht is situated at Denkanikotta taluq,Dharmapuri District,Via Thali Hosour .About 12 KM from Hosour Bus stand.Abot 8 Km from Anekal(Bangalore dist). Near Muthyala Maduvu.It is situated near border of Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.The Idol Of Sri AnjaneyaSwamy carved on garudagamba & known as Kambada Anjaneya.It also has bell in the tail.Devotees believes it is one among Sri Vyasarays 732 idols. Pl verify and confirm as this is heard from the devotees.

    • Dear Sir,

      Kindly give details about how to reach this place from Hosur and also the temple opening timings and if possible, contact nos. of priest. Thanks in advance.

  36. Hi,
    A village known as “Mavinakaihalli” in Gouribidnaur Taluk, Karnataka.
    This is a kilometer from the statehighway that goes from Chickaballapur to Gouribidnur via Manchenahalli. The bustop on main road is shown as “Nagenhalli” Pura P.O.
    A sri.Vyasarja prathistitha Hanuman temple. Recently they renoveated the temple and now it very good place. Archak Sri. Srinvasa is performingth poojas.

    Please add to the list.


    • Visited the above Pranadevaru temple yesterday along with six other temples. The Archak was kind enough to open the temple though it was Dwadashi and he was resting at home. Did the Archane and gave us Panchamruta. He also guided us to another Vyasa Pratishtitha Pranadevaru at a village called Dwaraganahalli (about 3 kms). The temple Jeernodhara is being done by by a Madhva family (Nagaraj Achar) they are looking for financial assistance to complete the temple.

  37. One more vyasaraja prathistitha hanuman in tiptur, tumkur dist. the address is near “kodi circle”, kote,tiptur,tumkur dist pin 572201

  38. Hi,
    Recently I visited Sri Mukhyaprana Devaru on the way to Cheekalaparavi(birth place of Sri Vijayadasaru) from Manvi (Place of Sri Jagannath Dasaru).
    This place is around 4 km from Manvi, Raichur district, by auto.
    Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamy performed Chaturmasya Vratha in this temple.
    There is also a story associated with this place.
    When Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamy was performing Chaturmasya Vratha in this place, a person came to that place who was Sri Kanaka dasa in his previous incarnation.
    Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamy identifies this person to be Sri Kanaka dasa through his powers as Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamy in his previous incarnation was Sri Vyasa rajaru – Guru of Sri Kanaka dasaru.
    Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamy calls this person and asks him “Kanaka, what have you brought ?”
    The person replies that he has got mustard seeds with him.
    One thing to observe his that mustard seeds are not used during Chaturmasya Vratha in all the Mutts.
    At this moment, Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamy accepts the mustard seeds from the person as the person was identified as Sri Kanaka Dasaru, his disciple in the previous incarnation and started using the mustard seeds even during the Chaturmasya Vratha and is followed even today in Rayara Mutt.

  39. Hello,

    I would like to add one more temple of Sri Mukhyaprana devaru which is located in Santhebidanur which was installed first by Janamejaya and later got re-installed by Sri Vyasarajaru.
    This is roughly around 100kms from Bangalore.


  41. Hi,, Dasa Anjaneya swamy famously known as Kala HANUMAN near Attapur HYDERABAD is first installed by Janmejaya and later re-installed by Sri Vyasarajaru. This dakshin mukhi Hanuman has Shankha,Chakra on either side of him representing Vishnu avtara.

  42. hello sir thanks you so much v got lot of information about human temples by you and do u know mr.vijayendrarao form bangalore who did a cd which had collection of vysaraja prathistitha anjaneya i wanted contact details if u know pls reply thanks again

  43. I would like the author to add one more anjaneya to the list, pratisthapana by vyasarajaru called Sri Sanjeeva Raya near manvi enroute chikalparvi, Raichur district karnataka. where Sri Raghavendra Swamy performed his second chaturmasya.

  44. Great work on collecting this very important information. Here is another possible temple to explore and ascertain its origins:

    There is a Prana Devuru Vigraha of great antiquity in a temple on Temple street, Agara, HSR layout Bangalore. This temple is opposite to Kashi Vishanatha Temple. This temple, in particular, is right behind the recently consecrated giant size Hanuman statue, which hardly anyone cannot but notice, on outer ring road (ORR) Bangalore. Sri Prana devuru here has striking similarity to the Sri Vyasarajaru pradisthapana Sri Hanuman at other locations on this site.

    The temple is open only on Saturday mornings. There is a old priest who comes to worship in the temple from a different location. He told that his ancestors used to worship the deity over the centuries in its original location. The original location of the temple was someplace else near Bangalore, which is now owned by Indian military for shooting range practice. In order that no harm occurs to the Vigraha, Indian Government shifted the Vigraha some time back in the 1960s or 1970s to its present location.

    I used to regularly visit this temple on the weekends two years back. Only now, after seeing the pictures of other locations in this site, the similarity struck me. I am wondering maybe someone with expertise can ascertain if this is also one of the possible pratishtapana of Sri Vyasa Rajaru.

  45. Hello,

    Thanks for the initiative to locate all the Mukhyaprana Temples consecrated by his holiness Vyasarajathirta.

    There is a pretty old Anjaneya temple in our Village – Doddankanahalli in Maddur Taluk of Mandya District. Elderly folks claim it to be around 500-600 yrs old. The Idol of deity is very similar to the others installed by Sri Vyasarajaru. There are some stone inscriptions besides the temple, which are probably in halegannada (old Kannada).
    A scholarly review of these inscription might confirm if the deity is actually installed by his holiness Chandrikacharya.

  46. there is one place where vasyarayaru has installed prana devaru in sugatta village near hunse marenhalli on the outskirts of Bangalore city on the way to Bangalore international airport

  47. Recently I had been to Ganjigunte near Chintamani Chikabalapur Dist, I saw Pranadevaru Temple having Pranadevaru Prathistapana by VyasaRajaru

  48. I am very much delighted to say that I am a native of nadidadada anjaneya of hanasoge along with ancient rayara brindavana about 250 years on the banks of sacread river cauvery. now jeernodara of rayara mutt is being carried out under the reg trust banner HANASOGE GRMABHIVRUDHI TRUST& nearing completion. I nvite hari vayu gurugala bhaktas to have the anugraha of rayaru on the forth coming aradhana celeberations.

  49. Hari sarvottama , Vaayu jeevottama.. namaskars i would like to get a list of the places in INDIA where all the Thirtas of Madhwa Philosophy have settled.. i.e where are all the brindavans?

  50. hello,
    it is indeed a great deed u’ve have been doing.
    i’wd like to add some more from Belgaum dist.
    1. Sri Maruti devasthan Sunnal. 5 k.m. away from Ramadurga
    2. Sri maruti devasthana. Kalloli tal. Gokak
    3. Sri. Maruti devasthana. Kulgod tal. Gokak
    There are many more. as and when i come across any other i will render the service.

  51. Happy to see the list of Vyasaraja pratistapitha pranadevaru. Recently i saw vyasaraja teertharu installed haunan temple near Sunnadahalli (Shimoga dt), It is around 14 kms from shimoga called Udda Anjaneya swamy temple. Very beautiful, wonderful mammoth statue.

  52. great work ,
    i would suggest u to add 1 more to the list
    sri madalagatti anjaneya ,12 kms away from hoovina hadagali,bellary dist

  53. one more anjaneya temple at KADAGATHUR MADHUGIRI TALLUK TUMAKUR DIST. It is the border village of karnataka and andhra. the diety is same as in another vyasa raja pratiste. Long tile with a bell on the top of the head and small shanku and chakra on both sides. The place is very near to Santhebidanuru(Andhrapradesh) Sree Rama Navami utsavam celebrated as Janma navarathri from Sreerama navami.

    Hare Sreenivasa

  54. hare sreenivasa,
    one more vyasraja pratistitha Mukya pranadevaru at Kadagathuru, Madhugiri Talluk, Tumukur dist. It is a boarder village for Karnataka. It is one mile from Santebidanuru in Andhrapradesh Hindupur talluk.


  56. Namaskara,
    My mane devaru is “Sri Konchur Bala Bheema sena devaru”. The temple of sri pranadevaru is located about 20 kms from Yergol where Sri Jayatirtharu wrote the Tikas and about 9 kms from Wadi in Gulbarga District. The temple priests tell me that the idol is about 800 years old. It is similar to Vyasa Pratishtapana idols as you have mentioned above so maybe this idol belongs to the above category. There was an old temple which is now in ruins and a new temple was constructed in 2007. Punahpratishtapane of the idol was done by Sri Satyatmateertharu of Uttaradhi mutt.

  57. I recently visited the chakrapani temple & worshipped a Hanuman consecrated by Sri Vyasaraja Guru. We have a Madhwa Aachar doing the Pooja there & he confirmed the fact. The Bell on the tail also confirms the same. Please check & include this also in your list.

  58. there is an anjeneyar temple in cuddalore town near gadilam river. It also has the same features of tail.


  60. Namaskara Sir,

    While I know that you are collecting the list of our beloved guru Sri Vyasaraja Theertha krutha Vayu devaru details, I would like to add these list

    1, In Cheyyar, Opp: to Bus Stand one In Gally road named Samaathyan Kulam ( Actually It is Sampaathiyan Kulam, Sampathi of Ramayana Kala) one Sri Vijayaraghavar Ramar Koil is there. Within temple premises Sri Vyasaraja krutha Vayu Devaru is there. It defintely have the Anga Lakshana of Ganta, Sowgandhi puspha , Sikai are there. I went for a Sri Rama Navami Purapaadu and this Vayu devaru had shown me blessing.

    2. In Patteeswaram, near Kumbakonam ( Where famous Sri Durga, Nandhi gave way to Sri Gnanasambhar to see Sri Rudra from Rajagopura itself, Sri Parvathi Hugg Sri Rudra when he came to test as fire Thazhuvakulainda nathar, Sri Sakthimutra Pulavar’s home town ) one temple called Kona Perumal ie Gopinatha Krishnan Koil is there. There Irattai Anjaneyars ( see Photo below) are there. WIth the Anga Lakshanas of Shikai , Sowganthi Pushpas we can well conclude these can also be Sri Vysaraja Krutha Vayu Devaru. Though I studied and lived in that village for about 6 years in early ’80s, I never visited, where in I used to cross atleast 4 to 5 times an year this old damaging temple, while we go for Swamimalai in short cut road. That was my dhurbagya! But today I come across this and want to record through your noble service for future.

    [image: Twin Hanuman]

    Namaskara, Sridhar.V, Nanganallur,

    Sri Krishnarpanamastu [sridhar.venkatrao@gmail.com]

  61. Pranams,
    There is one more Vyasaraja pratishtitha Lord Hanuma temple at a place called Maachavaram in Vijayawada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. Just opposite temple one can see a board stating the history of the temple in brief. the temple is run by some Ayyangar(Vishishtaadvaitin) priest.



  62. Hare srinivasa, shri gurubhyo namaha
    There is a famous pranadevara temple in Banasawadi, bengluru. Thought the folk tale there is different, but the idol vigraha is in the typical Vasarayara prathistitha Pranadevaru. Tail raising above, face to the side.
    I am an ardent devotee of this temple and have personally seen and experienced life changing instances due to the grace of pranadevaru. Everything I am today is due to his grace. If not of Pranadevaru, I cannot imagine where I would be.


  63. We have found one HAnumar at Vasanampalli near Ambur in Tiruvannamalai District and the same is now being cleaned and restored, along with the telugu inscription – period 1532, naming SadasivaRaya for giving grant to the once existed temple. From REACh Foundation, with the great donation of Shri Babdu and their whole family who have ancestoral property there, we are rebuilding the temple to match the old style and agama soon. Those who wish to visit and join the temple re-building can write back to us: reach.foundation.india@gmail.com.

    Disclaimer: Moderator does not take responsibility for validity of the information and its up to readers to contact respective persons directly.

  64. hello all,
    one more vysa pratisthan i have seen at “APPANPALLI” near to mahebub nagar (just 4km from bus stand towards jarcherla)

  65. One of the vyasarajaru prathistapana “pranadevaru” and Veerajaneya swamy temple is in Denkanikottai in Krishnagiri Dist. The name of the temple recorded in the Endowment Dept. is Sri Vyasa Pooai Hanumantharayaswamy temple. Contact Person Sri.Raghu Ph: +919443511705

  66. FYI- Sri Varadaanjaneya Swamy Bangalore RBI Layout, J P Nagar, 7th Phase, Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka- as far as I know & aware this temple was constructed & inaugurated in year 2001 by layout association

    • Correct. The place where the temple is situated now is not exactly the place where the idol was found…but it was found few mtrs away from the temple, the acutal place where the great saint had installed it. The association has installed the same idol in a new place. This i got know after talking to one of the association member. Be rest assured it is installed by Sri Vyasarayaru.

  67. There is a Raghavendra Swamy mutt next to Kadiri Sri Narasimha temple in Kadiri Ananthapur A.P. which has a hanuman idol supposed to be installed by Sri Vyasarajaru as per the mutt archikaru

  68. Sri Ksethra Korwar is initially called Kokilapur,The Korwaresh Vigraha is consecrated by Sri Sri Sri,1008 Vadiraj from Sonde Math in the year 1535. Sindagi, Bijapur

  69. Ulsoor Market Anjaneya swamy temple at Bangalore 1.6 Km from MG Road Bangalore Installed by sri vyaasa Raja theertharu.The anjaneya has a bell attached to his tail like all Sri Vyaasa Raja theertha installed Anjaneyas.The Bell tied to the tail is the signaturemark of Lord Anjaneya.

  70. Hare srinivasa,

    Dear sir, I am very happy to see the list of Vyasaraya prathistapitha temples I would like to inform you one more Anjaneya temple by Sri Vysaraya thirtharu,
    This idol is 3 feet, with Bell in the tail, shika, Bhima roopa, Gadha and Abhaya Hastha (Hnuma Bhima Madhva Avathara in the idol) Villagers telling 700 yers old temple
    kindly add this temple in a list

    which is located in Kasahapura village, Holavanahalli hobli, Koratagere Tq, Tumkur Dist, Karnataka. 15 km from Goravanahalli, 20 km from Madhugiri,, 18 km from Gowribidanur and 100 km from bangalore (in between Gowribidanur to Madhugiri road) 4 km from main road.

    we are the only brahmins in the village & earlier my father & grand father & their earlier genrations were doing pooja
    after they passed away completely pooja is stopped.
    I would like to make arrangement for regular pooja for this temple, kindly visit & support me, for the arrangement, of Archak, House for Archak,& Basic facilities, etc, etc…
    I am requsting all devotees through this mail for seva

    Jai Sri Ram, Jai Hanuman

    Nagesh Rao M G
    email id: grdnagesh@gmail.com
    Mobile: <>

  71. you can see beautiful small Anjaneya pratistabana by Sri Vyasa Rajaru
    Village name:Samanoor
    Near marandahalli
    Palacode Tk
    Tamil Nadu
    Maruthi S

  72. So glad to see your list that includes Vyasa Hanumantha at Rathri Chathram Erode. Infact this idol was found under the soil by my husband’s great great grandfather Sri Javuli Subbaiah Rao after a dream and then he placed at Rathri Chathram in 5/3/1919.

    • I have recently visited 2 Vyasa pratisthita Pranadevaru at J P Nagar 5th Phase and at Gottigere. Both of them are very good temples and easy to access.

    • There is one Pranadevaru temple in J P Nagar 5th Phase 16th cross, which is also installed by Sri Vyasarajaru. Very good temple and poojas being done regularly.

  73. There is one more anjaneya temple, vyasaraja pratishtita, while entering to doddaballapur, near ramannan bavi, lord narasimha on the top of mukyaprana murthy, very beautiful

  74. A hanuman temple near shiggaon taluk.. the village name is ‘Hunashikatti’…. 10km from NH 4 ….. It is under renovation now. And it is pathisapana by vyasarajaru….

  75. There is BalAnjaneya Temple near Ramaih hospital New BEL Road which is 638 years Old and the Molavigraha sthapana was done by Vyasarajaru.

  76. In Namakkal kottai , from Narasimha swamy kovil to Shri Anjaneyar swamy kovil , in the middle of the street one Anjaneyar temple installed by Shri Byasarajaru is there. Vyasaraja mutt Swamiji used to do pooja whenever he visits there . I have seen in my school days. K G Muralidharan, Bhilai .

  77. I belong to Dharmapuri (Tamil Nadu) and I have seen three Anjaneya Swamy Idols in and around Dharmapuri i.e.In Indur, Papparapatti and Dharmapuri. Very ancient and powerful temples but I request devotees to visit this temples to know their sanctity and get blessings. You can mail me for details ranganathanmathaiyan@gmail.com and i will assist you in locating these temples. mobile filtered

  78. I have seen four Anjaneya temples in and around Dharmapuri. One is inside Old INDUR, second is 5 five minutes walk from Indur towards north (Kilanuoor), Third is on the mainroad between Paparapatti to Hogenakkal and fourth is in Dharmapuri (Aathumodu). You can reach me for assistance

  79. Sree Mukya Pranadevaru at Theertham village, Near Mulbagal, AndhraPradesh. It is said to be one among the first 50 prathishtas done by SriVyasarajaru


  81. Dear all, Is there any Right-side facing hanuman idol near Bangalore. I heard that this is very powerful form, but could not find such idol .

  82. There is another vyasaraja pratishtitha anjaneya in Dabaspete near lakshminatha teertha moola Brindavana (Kundapur vyasaraj mutt) it is just 60 kilometres from Bangalore
    Inbox me for the exact address:prashasth25@gmail.com

  83. Information related to this:
    1.Singanamala Anjaneya swamy temple, Singanamala, Anantapur, AP.
    (Janmejaya and later re-installed by Sri Vyasarajaru).
    2. Anjaneya Swamy Temple,(Sri Vyasarajaru)
    Jilledugunta village, Madakasira Mandal, Anantapur district, AP.
    3. Moolanjaneya Swamy Temple, Uttaradhi Mutt, Anantapur. (Sri Vyasarajaru).
    And Maney more located in anantapur district.

  84. Dear sir
    I am revanna form batrahalli in mulbagal taluku kolar district Karnataka .in my village one old dakshina abhimuka hanuman temple is there .my dream is finding that’s temple founder please help me sir .I think vyasaraju is this temple founder . please come and confirm

  85. Dear sir,
    There is a temple in bangalore, Halsuru Someshwara temple, It is an oldest temple. There is a separate temple for hanuman, My friend told me it is almost looking like Pranadevaru, Nobody knows about the origin of the idol. So I guess it would be Mukya Pranadevaru which might have installed by guru vysaraja. Please help us figure out.

  86. Sir in my village one more vyasaraya installed hanuman idol is here thats name was SRI MADHVEERANJANEYA TEMPLE in Shivanagere MADHUGIRI taluk TUMKUR DISTRICT 572112 my cell num 9916487899 near 60 kms to tumkur

  87. Last year there was a report in the paper that a dilapidated temple of sri Vunugopalaswamy temple along with a intact brindavana at Karuvalur, near Avinashi in Tiruppur Dist. and later went unnoticed. Recently myself along with my friends to initiative to discover the same. Though the temple is in ruins the mantapa infront of the temple is in tact with a big stupa and in the centre with the sculpture of SRI ANJANEYA. It resembles in all respect the characteristics of SRI VYASARAJARU INSTALLED ANJANEYA. The ruined temple is named as sri venugopala temple. Near to it a temple for anjaneya named as ANUMANTHARAYAN KOIL witha good tank with water. However the original statue is missing but the local people have installed a new Anjaneya and renovated it and named it as Jaya Maruthi koil. I have posted all the details in my timeline in facebook. Kindly go through it to confirm that it belongs to one among the 732 anjaneya. since it may be done during or later sri vyasarajaru or his sishyas. The Brindavana is confirms with all the aspects of madhva yethigalu but could not ascertain from which linage it belongs. In my opinion it must be that of one among the 24 sishyas of sri Vyasarajaru. .Since you have made a lot of contribution to our sidhantha i request or any of the followers of SriAnandatheertha can shed their opinion to get the details to complete this mission. Regards

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