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|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama||

|| Sri Raghavendra Theertha Gurubyo Namaha||

Twinkling star of Dvaita philosophy-Sri Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha


Namasthe all,

Subscribe our Google SMS channel to get Spiritual information about Tatvavadha(Dvaita)philosophy!

What you will be getting by subscribing our sms channel? Know from here

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  2. Type text  On Dvaita-UltimateTruth from your mobile and send a message to 9870807070                

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~Sri Krshnarpanamasthu~

42 thoughts on “ My SMS Channel 

  1. Sri MoolaRamo Vijayate

    Vinayak Maduva Namaskara galu
    I am very much interested to learn about my culture. About our hindu tradition.
    So here onwards I will ask some questions to you Can You Help… Please.

    If so Send me reply with the list of Sri Raghavendra mutts in Bangalore.
    Because I want to visit these places. right know I saw 30 Mutts some are telling there
    are More than 100 are there
    Can you send Please.
    Thank you for helping
    Vinayak B Kulkarni
    Bangalore 90

  2. Dear Sir,Please enroll me as a member of u r esteeemed org., My native Place is KUMBAKONAM.My residence is opp.,to SRI SRI VIJAYENDRASWAMIGALU MOOLA BRUNDHAVANA .

  3. Good job and good presentation. With our Gurus Blessings anything is possible for the true devotee. Carry on the good work. Regards

  4. Pranams.
    Last Sunday I was blessed to be in the Sri Raghavendra Aradhana Celebration at Madipakkam and participated in the proceedings. The pravachana by Acharya Shreshta from Thirukkovilur in Shuddha Kannada was a real treat. Kindly enrol me as Member and SMS may kindly be sent to I basically belong to Bangalore. But at present at Madras and continue to be here for another 7 months. Please let me know the program in future.

    • Namasthe, I have sent you the invitation, kindly do as per the instructions or you can also join our sms channel by typing text “On Dvaita-UltimateTruth” and send it to 9870807070

      hare Srinivasaa

  5. Excellent, marvellous, wonderful, inspiring, splendid, aweful work being done on this site. Actually, words fail to express the work done on this site which highlights the lives of Great Devotees of Lord Srinivasa like Sri Raghavendra Swami, Sri Vijayadasaru and all other holy saints of India who have time and again upheld the flag of Madhwa Shastra flying high for all of eternity. Congratulations to you in keeping up such good work which guides the whole humanity at large. Please keep up the good work and would like to see more such work from you through your entire life. May Hari-Vayu-Gurugalu shower all their blessings forever upon you for you to enable to realize all your desires, towards ultimately attaining Gnana, Bhakthi and Vairagya.

    Once I congratulate you on your excellent work which cannot be described in words. And urge you to carry on the good work throughout your entire life.

    May Hari-Vayu-Guragalu always shower all their blessing upon you.

    • Namasthe Sri Praveen,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. In fact, Na aham kartha, only Sri Harih kartha.
      hare Srinivasaa

    • namaskara,
      significance of Vyasarajaru prathistha: Bell in the tail(Sri Hanuman), Sougandhika flower in his left hand(Bheemasena),Shike(Juttu, none other than great Madhva)..Apart form that Lord Narasimha head will be there in top of idol.

  6. Dear Sir,

    Namaskaram. We really enjoyed your site. We appreciate your work. Keep Going. We will support you. I am interested in Pictures and Videos.

    Pl help me.


  7. my pranams to poojya gurugalege.this is is the new site to day i found.sri raghavendraswamy showed his gracefulness on me on 25.12.1995 in parimalacottege at 2.30 a.m given direct darsan in the vayu roops and immersed intomy body. from that day he is giving replies to all savages or worries of his devotees/all peoples.without getting any remuneration or donations.people may contact me in all times .childless couples got children after 25years marriage, booth a predha baya nivarthi all or done by gurugalu. iam residing in salem.iam kneedown to rayaru lotus feet for the grace he showed upon me.

  8. very fine indeed such a blog to unite all madhwas under one roof. ur great effort bringing much more awaiting things will be appriciated.may god will remaind with u to bring moe efforts.

  9. I am Nagaraj Rao and waiitng to have a audio link on the “gururaghavendra tava chararavind” with raga. I am havinf lyrics . I am soeding at least 32 to 3 hours on this type of dwaita sites brousing. pl help in this

  10. It “appears” that in advaitha, people account for sadhana till reaching salvation and introduce everything appears mithya in that stage. A friend of mine in hostel constantly pokes me when I recite dwadasha stotra or jayarya stuti. He refutes our philosophy constantly which I manage to shut his mouth. He is going too far that though I win I’m not satisfied. Am I doing correct thing? Is debating , a matter of fully learned sanyasis? Not for us? Apart from learning dvaitha, I want to shut the noises of these dogs, AM I ELIGIBLE?

    • Be Calm!! Be Gentle!! Teach Dvaita only to the deserving and eligible souls. Lord Sri Hari is there with us and bless us. Dont worry!! In your case, instead of fighting chant Sri Raghavendraaya Namaha. His holiness will take care everything.

      Hare Srinivasaa

  11. I like this Madhava philosphy very much and would like to know further. so I request you to keep sending this valuable information

  12. I am highly impressed by the great work you are doing. It is affording me a great opportunity to know that there are so many places to be visited and so much to learn. Learning is a contineous process. I have decided to devote more time in visiting these places and get enlightened.

  13. i would like to contact mr.Pranav Kumar who has taken real pains to very clearly
    establish the Rijutva of Sri Vadhiraja Swamy by quoting the great texts,please provide me with his contact numbers…TSN.KRISHNAN,SRI RANGAM,

  14. This is a wonderful site and hat’s of information on sthala Purana etc., very good initiative keep it up, I came to know through my cousin Balaji Thanks to all

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