Readers Choice

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Mantralaya mahaprabhu Sri Raghavendra Swamy

In this page, I will give you the links for the selective SPECIAL articles I posted since I started writing our blog. Most importantly, all are our Reader’s choice because all are well appreciated by them. The main reason behind is that all the posts are like treasures of Sri Madhwa philosophy esp the below one’s.

Special Articles:

  • Divine Saligrama with Questions and Answers:Click here
  • Sacred Cow&her useful byproducts:Click here
  • Vishnutatva Vinirnaya by Sri Madhvacharya:Click here
  • Sri Krishna Jayanthi -2013:Click here
  • Greatness of Lord Sri Bhuvaraha[Srimushnam]:Click here
  • YantroddhAraka Hanumatstotram in a PDF:Click here
  • Sri Madhva Jayanthi:Click here
  • Sri Madhvanama by Sri Padarajaru:Click here
  • Sri HARI VAYU Sthuthi in a PDF:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Padmanabha Tirtha: Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Narahari Tirtha:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Madhava Tirtha Mahaprabhu:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Jaya Tirtha Mahaprabhu: Click here
  • Sri Jayateerthara Vaibhava:Click here
  • About MAHA SHIVARATRI:Click here
  • About Sri Ganapathy:Click here
  • Ganesha Chaturthi 2013: Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Vibhudhendra Tirtha:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Jitamitra Tirtharu:Click here 
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Raghunandana Tirtharu:Click here 
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Surendra Theertha:Click here
  • Sri Sri Vyasarajaru Aradhana Mahotsava article:Click here
  • Sri Sri Vyasarajaru Aradhana(article by Sri Vijay Vittal):Click here
  • Sri Vyasaraya Teertharu & Sri Vadiraja Teertharu at Tirumala: Click here
  • Lord Sri Rama’s dharshan to Sri Vadirajaru at Tirumala:Click here
  • Navagraha Stotra&Lord Hayagriiva Sampada Stotra by Sri Vadhirajaru:Click here
  • Aradhane of great saint Sri Vijayindra Tirtha(1517-1614):Click here
  • pApavimochana stotram.h by Sri Vijayindra Theertha:Click here
  • 400th year aradhane of Sri Vijayindra Tirtha – expert in 64 arts: Click here
  • Greatness of Sri Sudeendra Theertharu:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Kambalu Ramachandra Tirtha:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Raghootama Theertharu:Click here
  • Life History of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy:Click here
  • Sri Raghavendra Stotra in a PDF:Click here
  • Why i created ” I love Guru Raghavendra Comm”?:Click here
  • About Papparapatti – Dakshina Mantralaya:Click here
  • Parimalacharya: Click here
  • Greatness of Sri Raghavendra Swami Stotra:Click here
  • Pattabhisheka to Sri Raghavendra Swamiji:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Jagannatha Tirtha:Click here
  • Aradhane of Sri Vadeendra Theertha(1728-1750):Click here
  • Article on Sri Ganapathi:Click here to read
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Dheerendra Theertharu:Click here 
  • Article on Sri Sri Sumateendra Teertharu Swamiji:Click here to read
  • Article on Sri Sri Vasudendra Theerthau:Click here to read
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru:Click here to read
  • Aradhane of Sri Sri Medhaanidhi Tirtha:Click here to read
  • Article on Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji:Click here

About Hari Dasaru’s:

  • Sri Madhwacharyaru in the songs of Sri Purandaradasaru:Click here
  • Sri Kanaka Dasara Jayanthi: Click here
  • Sri Vijayadasara Aradhane:Click here
  • Sri Vijayarayara kavacha by Sri Vyasa Vittala: Click here
  • Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru:Click  Series
  • Some of the songs of Sri Vijaya Daasaru:Click here
  • Sri Vijaydasara visit to Mantraalayaa:Click here
  • Sri Gopala Daasaru:Click here  #For article by Sri Vijay Vittal:Click: here
  • Sri Gopala Daasaru and the Grace of Gayatri:Click here
  • Aradhane celebration of Sri Jagannatha Dasaru:Click here
  • First sloka of great “Harikathaamrithasaara”: Click here
  • Sri Harikathaamritha Saaraa – an Introduction:Click here
  • Ankita as Jagannatha vittala:Click here
  • Sri Mohana Dasaru:Click here
  • Sri Sri Prasanna Venkata Dasaru:Click here
  • Ibharampur Krishnacharya(Appavaru): Click here 

Harih Dasarapadalgalu

  • Song by Sri Vyasarajaru:Click here
  • Jagadoddharanaby Guru Sri Purandara Daasaru:Click here
  • Sri Madhwacharyaru in the songs of Sri Purandaradasaru:Click here
  • Bhaagyada lakshmi baaramma in the songs of Sri Purandaradaasaru:Click here
  • Songs on Sri Rudra devaru:Click here
  • Guru Purandara Daasare by Sri Vijaya Daasaru:Click here
  • Raghavendra guru pAvanakaya by Sri Vijayadasaru:Click here
  • Some of the songs of Sri Vijaya Daasaru:Click here


Other Interesting Articles: 

  • About Vadavur,Tanjore: Click here  New!
  • Sri Trayee Vidhya Gurukula,[Newsletter-April 2013]:Click here 
  • Udupi- Land of Lord Sri Parasurama:Click here
  • Sri Trayee Vidhya Gurukula,[Newsletter-11]:Click here
  • Sri Sri Nava Jeeva brindhavana @ Erode, Tamilnadu:Click here
  • Prominent places in the life of Sri Madhvacharya!:Click here
  • Shembakkam Navabrindhavana,Vellore: Click here to read an interesting article.

Please feel free to comment here for  suggestions/feedback.

Let Sri Raghavendra Theerthara antharkatha Sri Mukyaprana antharkatha Sri Lakshmi Narayana bless all!


50 thoughts on “ Readers Choice

  1. Ultimate truth cannot be hide by anybody,
    Hence I am very much interested to know all your works with full details.

  2. Thank you very much. I shall continue my postings with all your elders blessings.
    || Pancha bedha Taratamya Jagath Sathya ||

  3. I live in bangalore and wish to learn Sanskrit. Do you know anyone who teaches in person? I know there’s a correspondence course through Samskrita Bharati…

    • Namasthe, I am not sure. I have heard Samskrita Bharati is the best org which teaches Sanskrit very easily within short time. Please check with them. I will let you know if I come across other source

      hare Srinivasa

    • @ Sri:

      There is an organization called Adarsha Bhavan in 15th cross, Malleshwaram, (Near MES College), Bangalore – 560003. They conduct Sanskrit classes and also enable you to take the prathama, dwithiya etc exams.

  4. Hare Srinivasa !
    The information provided in this website is really awsome.

    Could you please post Sandhyavandana and the meaning of each sloka in it. I do SandhyaVandana daily at mornings. But, I am not aware of meaning of solkas in it. I would like to teach the same to my Son. Please help me 🙂

    Thanks allot.

    • Namasthe Sri Krishna,

      Yes. Even I was thinking yesterday to post the same.I will surely post it soon.. Thank you for visiting our blog first of all..
      hare Srinivasa

      • Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama
        Hare Srinivasa

        Can I find any book of Sandhyavandana with meaning of each sloka in it? If yes could you please let me know.

  5. Hare Srinivasa
    I would like to know more about Chathurmasa vrata.
    What not to consume on this 4 months. and why?
    Hare Srinivasa

  6. Sir
    I have been appointed as Editor Gurusarbhouma (English) monthly by swamiji of Mantralaya Raghavendraswamy mutt. I have seen many useful and great articles in this blog. Will you please permit me to use them in our magazine,sir?

  7. || Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

    The site is really good.

    I want the Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Audio and PDF file so that I can practice it and say it.

    I have both but they aren’t linked to each other..
    So please provide me the source for the same.

    Thank you.

  8. Hare Srinivasa
    I would like have information on Our Swamijis
    Who all taken Jeeva Samadhi (Brindhavana)
    Like our Sri Ragavendraru
    Information pl.

    • Namasthe, As per my knowledge, Sri Vadirajaru and Sri Raghavendra Swamy, both have entered jeeva samadi. hare Srinivasaa

      • Hare Srinivasa
        Thanks for the information
        Hope still Swamijis are there we have to search
        Hare SSrinivasa

      • Namasthe Sir,
        This does not mean other Madhwa saints who stay inside brindhavana do not have power.Please note that Kaliyuga kalpatharu Ajaya Sri Vijayendraru still lives inside his brindhavana and bless each one of us, who sincerely pray his lotus feet(WITH BHAKTHI).This is similar for our Sripadarajaru,Vyasarayaru,Vadirajaru,Sudeendraru,Raghootamaaru etc. Each one of Madhwa saint have earned so much of punya,which is to give mandha mathi jeevas like us.. Each one of Harih Dasarus like Purandara Dasa,Vijayadasa,Gopala Dasa etc are extremely powerful and so kind to us. They all listen to our prayer, if we approach them sincerely with divine faith… Let our Harih Vayu Gurugalu bless the satviks.Hare Srinivasaa

      • Hare Srinivasa
        I mean to say still more no of our Swamijis entered in to Brindavana with like our VadiRajaru,Sri Ragavendraru.
        Any how I am getting more and more information from you


        Hare Srinivasa

  9. I understand Sri Vyasarajaru climbed seven hills with knees. You mentioned about Sri Vaadirajaru. Did he also do so?

    Murthy Rao

  10. The site is very excellent and gives a lot of information about our Madhwa philosophy and is loaded with plenty of interesting facts, events and places of our Madhwa Saints. The site is serving as a source of enlightment for all ignorant people like me. Kindly keep up the good work and continue to post many more articles, stories, music, events etc. to the spread the glories of Madhva philosophy. Once again, kudos to you for keeping up such divine work in today’s world.

  11. Can you please email me a soft copy of Sri Raghavendra Tantra in Telugu? Or if you can point me to where I can get the book that would also be nice. I am from Hyderabad. If anyone has it and can post it to my address, I can provide the same. Please email me and let me know.. Thank you!

  12. Hare Srinivasa

    i m doing srinivasa devaru pooja daily. i need venkatesha stotra by ragavendraru, vyasarajaru,vadirajaru and also by other yathis.please help me to get these stotras for my pooja.

    Haresh Kashyap

  13. hi.. this is really nice and intresting. i was honestly looking for something like this, but had not found..anyway, my gururaja, helped me finally.

    can you help me with the hierachy of all the gurus that has come so far right from madhvaarcharya?

    which place did our gurugalu take and who came after him.. i see videos and movies, but still has not found a proper info on this and dont want to be wrong either.

  14. Really this Blog is an excellent one for each one of us may Hari give all of you the strength to continue the same
    Hare Srinivasa

  15. “Hare Krishna”… namaskara.. this site is very useful for youths. I requst you to upload ‘dasara padagalu’ (songs)… please.. 🙂

  16. Respected Sir,
    I am a regular visitor of this wonderful site and can you please guide me where i can
    get the book Harikadambrudasara in English or Tamil with meaning for all the
    Sandhis. I have searched a lot of shops and mutts, but unable to get one, i am residing in chennai, can you please guide me sir.
    Brinda Venkatesh.

  17. ONCE I WILL ALSO SHARE MY EXPIRENCE… no one CAN MAKE thmSLF BELIVE UNTILL IT Happens with them..n with me its a miracleous miracle

  18. Dear Venkatesh, Nice work!
    I would like to make a request, Can you please post the instructions of sandhyavandane with explanation as to how and why it is done?

    It would be a big ask and I would request other members who have knowledge to contribute and help others understand the rituals and follow that by learing intention behind it.

    Madhu Rao



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