Haridasara padalgalu 

||Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama||

||Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha||

This page is created to spread Haridasara Sahitya. My long aim has been fulfilled when I met my well wisher Sri Vijaya Vitthal(who is related to Haridasara parampare). He has agreed to translate Dasarapadalgalu with meanings in English,which will be posted in this page frequently.

Who is called Haridasa?

‘Haridasa’ means ‘servant of Sri Hari’.Haridasas are the followers of Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya,who was the founder of Dvaitha Siddhanta. It started with Shri Narahari tIrtha,but one who brought Dasa sahitya in to practice was Sri Sripadaraja,later many Madhwa saints like Sri Vyasarajaru,Sri Vadirajaru,Sri Vijayindraru,Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu followed and spreaded Dasa sahitya. The great saint Sri Vyasaraja had two shishyas i) Sri Purandaradasaru and ii)Sri Kanaka Dasaru.

Among them, Sri Purandaradasaru had written more than four lakhs Kirthanegalu,Suladis etc. Thus, Sri Vyasarajaru rightly pointed our “Dasarendare Purandaradasarayya”. Later,Sri Vijayadasaru,Sri Gopala Dasaru,Sri Jagannatha Dasaru, Sri Mohanadasaru and much more..  made a strong foundation of Dasasahitya in the hearts of Sri Harih bhakthas.Read it, chant it and spread it.

Dasarendare Sri Purandaradasaru – Sri Vyasarajaru(image courtesy:aarshavani.org)

Click the below name of HarihDasaru:-

Name of  Haridasa          Period             Place

Sri Abhinava Janardhanavittala Dasa 1800  
Sri Gopala Dasa 1722-1762 Uttanuru
Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasa 1837-1918 Kavitala
Sri Guru Shamasundara Dasa Raichur
Sri Indiresha Dasa

Sri Jagannatha Dasa 1728-1809 Manvi
Sri Kanaka Dasa 1508-1606
Sri Mohana Dasa 1728-1751 Chippagiri
Sri Pranesha Dasa 1736-1822 Lingasuguru
Sri Purandara Dasa 1480-1564 Hampi
Sri Sripadarajaru 1420-1486 Mulbagilu
Sri Vadirajaru 1480-1600 Sode
Sri Vyasarajaru 1460-1539 Navavrindavana
Sri Vijaya Dasa 1682-1755 Chippagiri



Abhinava Janardhanavittala Dasa



Sri Gopala Dasa

  • Vaadiraajamunipa hayamukha: Click here [courtesy Sri Basker Rao]



Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasa



Sri Guru Shamasundara Dasa

  • Rayara Paadu yale manave-Click here to download


Sri Indiresha Dasa

  • Raghavendra guna sagara nodenna- Click here to download 


Sri Jagannatha Dasa


Sri Kanaka Dasa

  • Tallanesaderu kandya taalu manave-Click here to download


Sri Mohana Dasa

  •  Tande Vijayaraya- Click here to download

Know about Sri Mohana Dasaru from here 



Sri Pranesha Dasa

  • Beduvaro Sukhava rangayya-Click here to download 



Sri Purandara Dasa

  • laMbOdara lakumikara-Click here to download the Lyrics



Sri Sripadarajaru

  • modalOndipe ninage gaNanAtha-Click here to download the Lyrics



Sri Vadirajaru



Sri Vyasarajaru



Sri Vijaya Dasa

  • Kalle nedale sarva phalabahudu-Click here to download


<< Keep visiting this page as it will be updated frequently>>           

Are you interested to spread Haridasa Sahitya through our blog?Are you interested to contribute Haridasapadalgalu with meanings in our blog? . Then its my pleasure to post it in this Page(with your name as Courtesy).

Interested can fill the below form and submit it with meanings. 



Let Sri Haridasaru antharkatha Sri Vayu antharkatha Sri Panduranga Vitthala bless all.



Venkatesh Rajendra Rao.
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10 thoughts on “ Haridasara padalgalu 

  1. seen ur site very great work excellent made dharshan of all gurugalu so amny importants evqnts and particularss very nice

  2. Name: NagarajaM
    Email: nagaraja_bsk@yahoo.com
    Dasarapadalgau with meanings(Copy your song and paste it below): vaggeyakaararu like Sri Purandaradasaru have penned poems/padas with poignant philossophical virtues and values in simple vernacular language to be recited, followed and imbibed by all seekers of God-what can be termed as Bhakti cult. While rendering kritis many, even kannadigas, commit lot of mistakes/errors in pronunciation, accent so that it gives different meaning not intended by the composer, so to say an insult to holy composition. This needs adequate care by all singers, music lovers and admirers of Hindu philosophy.
    Haridasaru Name: Sri Purandaradasa

  3. I did not find audio version of Dasarapadagalu in your blog. Please give the link and whether it can be downloaded and saved?

  4. Today i saw this site. super aagi ide. yaavade purandara dasara keertha ne na kelali mathu mathu kelabeku ansathe……. – KN Rathna, Hyd.

  5. 1. Ambiga na ninna nambide……
    2. Baagilanu teradu seveyanu ……
    3. Narayanaa…
    4. Aathana paadu anavaratha…
    5. Bhagyadaa laxmi baramma……

    Intha olle kerathanegalanu nami ge kotta daasari ge danyavadagalu….

  6. Shall I know who written this dasara pada ? Ellanu Nodalu Namma Oore Vasi – This song was sung by one person in triplicane raghavendra swamymutt.

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