Construction of Lakshmipatiteertha Bhavan@Erode

Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama!

Om Sri Sripadaraja Sri Vyasaraja Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghutama Sri Raghavendra Theertha Gurubyo Namaha!

Sri Prasanna Lakshmi Narasimha devaru at Odapalli Navabrindhavana,Erode

Sri Raghavendra Theertha Mrithika brindhavana, Erode, Sri Sripadarajaru Mutt

Sripadaraja mutt one of the oldest and the first Mutts came in to existence in Dwaith School of philosophy.  Sri Sripadaraja was a elite philosopher, Composer, Revolutionist and a great Thinker; he lived royal life with piousness.  Sri Sripadaraja was  a suka purusha of 15th centaury. The mutt stands in his name.

Sri Sripadraja Mutt has a vast landed property in Tamil Nadu. Majority of Mutt’s disciples are situated at Tamil Nadu. Great numbers of follower of Sri Sripadaraja are in Tamil Nadu. Erode happens to be main Centre of Sri Sripadraraja mutt and other side of the Cauvery bank, Odapalli , which is the main village of the Mutt, wherein Swamiji’s eleven holy Brindavans of Sripadaraja Mutt are situated. The Agraharam branch of Mutt has been renovated in the year 1996, from then onwards every year the mutt is constructing one or other building for the benefit of the devotees.


Request all the devotees of Sri Raghavendra Swamy to contribute and get blessings from Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu. Please ONLY send to the account mentioned in the Appeal and feel free to contact Sri Krishna Achar(Erode, Sripadaraja mutt) at 91-9443044346, for any queries.

Please see Navajeeva brindhavana@ Erode,Tamilnadu-Click here
In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendran Rao.
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