Aradhane of Sri Kambalu Ramachandra Tirtha

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama||

|| Sri Vijayindra Sri Sudhindra Sri Ramachandra Tirtha Gurubyo Namaha||

|| Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha||

Ajaya Sri Vijayindra Tirtha Mahaprabhu,Kumbakonam.His holiness was the Vidhya gurugalu of Sri Ramachandra Tirtha Sripadangalavaru

Aradhane of Sri Kambalu Ramachandra Tirtha is celebrated tomorrow(28/11/2011).His holiness period is said be from 1575-1635.He was fifth from succession after great saint Sri Vyasarajaru.Sri Ramachandra Tirtha is a great debater in vaadha and did stapanae of  Tatvavaadha philosophy. His holiness is said to be from Kavillipalayam,Sathyamangalam,Erode district.

His holiness Moola brindhavana is situated at Rayavellore(145km from chennai) along with eight other eminent saints and the place is said to be Madhvavijaya nagara. We have to note that His holiness decided to stay near his Gurugalu Sri Sripathi Tirtharu(whose brindhavana is one among the eight great saints).

“Padavakyapramanajnan sausheelyadyupashobhithan Vijayeendrakhyayatheen seve vidyaagurun mama” -Introductory stanzas to his holiness commentary on Sriman Nyaya Sudha of Sri Jayatirtha.

The above sloka clearly shows his holiness Sri Sri Kambalu Ramachandra Tirtha was shishya of Ajaya Sri Sri Vijayindra Tirtha mahaprabhu of Kumbakonam.

His holiness Sri Ramachandra Tirtha has written 1.commentary on Sriman Nyayasudha2.Jayatirtha’s written Rig bhashyatika:this work is a great work of his holiness,consists of nearly 4000 granthas3.Tattvaviveka Tika &4.Commentary on Aitareya Bhasya

~~Referred book “History of Dvaita School of Vedanta-by Sri B.N.K Sharma”


Thanks to Sri Narahari for the below interesting information:

Stopping of Big Rock – Raya Vellore

During his stay once in Rayavellore, some miscreants not able to sustain the growth of Madhwa Shastra and his Vak Chaturya, tried to kill him by throwing a big stone on him, when he was doing japa.  He realized that a big stone is being thrown, so he said “antaraale tista”.  Immediately that rock stood there without falling on any body.  Such was his tapashakthi.  That is why that place which was called as Vellore is called as “Rayavellore” – Raya means “big stone”.  The Rock which was stopped by swamiji is still can be seen near his Vrundavana.


Charama sloka:

vaMdaarukalpataravE vaadikairavabhaanavE shrIraamachaMdraguravE nama: kaaruNyasiMdhavE|

Let his holiness bless all of us with Gyana/Bhakthi/Vairagya,


Venkatesh Rajendra Rao

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-May the great teacher,Sri VyasaTirtha,be our guide&protector,to grant all our desires.

 || Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu||