Aradhane Invitation of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

|| Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha ||

|| Sri Sankarshana Wodeya Yatindra Guruvae Namaha ||

Madhya aradhane of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru(1810-1862) will be celebrated on 16-12-2015 at his Moola brindhavana,Karapoondi,Near Polur,Tiruvannamalai District.

About His Holiness:

Poorvashrama name of his holiness was Sri Tammanna Nayak.At his young age, he did sastra pata from Sri Bheema Varaha Acharya.During his yatra to Udupi shetra,Sri Tammanna studied Sarvamoola grantha of Jagadguru Madhvacharya from Sri Visvapriya Tirtha of Sode Mutt.At the age of 32,Sri Tammanna was given Sanyasa by Sri Sathyaparayana Tirtharu and renamed as Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar.

Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru was the first saint to write Sanskrit commentary on Harikatha amritha saaraa(called as Kannada Sudha written by great Sri Jagannatha Dasaru) and its the most extensive teeka.He had taken avatara specially to write a tika on the Harikathaamritha saaraa. His holiness had Sri Sanjeevi Rao as his shishya.

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Aradhane Invitation:(Thanks Shri Raghavendra Rao for sending the scanned copy)

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Request devotees to attend and get His holiness blessings. Donations may be made to the Account number mentioned in the invitation.
Let His holiness bless all of us with Gyana/Bhakthi/Vairagya,


Venkatesh Rajendra Rao


3 thoughts on “Aradhane Invitation of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru

  1. Respected Aharyare, How we have to reach Karanpoondi from Bangalore. Pl send me the details, so that I can also attend the aradhana day and take blessing of shrigalu. With Regards, N MURALIDHAR9620272679

    • sir, from Bangalore train to katpadi from there to vellore by bus. from vellore to Polur by bus. from Polur Karapoondi is 5km .you can take auto .you can contact me,H RAGHAVENDRA RAO by phone 9043458932. from Bangalore bus to vellore available .3 1/2 hrs .from vellore another bus to Polur which can be reached in an your .Polur is on vellore to Tirvannamalai route.

  2. From Bangalore bus: Bangalore to Vellore 210 km .vellore to Polur 50 km by another bus. or Bangalore to katpadi train .katpadi to vellore share auto/town bus .again vellore to Polur bus. POLUR to Karapoondi auto .

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