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Awards received by Sri Trayee Vidhya Gurukula,Srirangam & Chennai.



All the donations are exempted from 80 G Income Tax Act 1961. Please click here to download the 80G copy.

                                       APPEAL FOR DONATION FOR PURCHASE OF LAND

With the blessings of Shri Hari Vayu and Gurugalu, and by the support offered by noble souls we are successfully keeping our feet in the 8th year with 55 students presently studying Vedas and Sastras in Srirangam & Chennai.

Almost all Swamijis have been paying visit to our Gurukulam and been blessing us.

In our Gurukulam we take at most care for the Student’s education and we provide the best food, accommodation and all other facilities to make the students to concentrate on studies effectively.

At present we are running our Chennai Gurukulam in Jameen pallavaram. The Gurukulam  building is just enough for present strength, but more students are willing to join our Gurukula and we are in a position to restrict the admission of students due to lack of infrastructure facilities.

In order to enroll more students and also to provide THE BEST facilities our trust is planning to purchase a Land and to build a new building for Gurukulam.

By God’s grace a vacant land near bus stand, hospital with good ground water is available in Madipakkam. We intend to use it for our purpose.

A philanthrophist has come forwarded  to give half  of  his  land  at  Madipakkam  Chennai-91, as  donation  and  the  other  half  at  a cost  of  Rs  40  Lakhs. 

The estimation for the cost of land and the building comes around 70 lakhs approx.

  • Ground cost approx        =   4000000    (Forty lakhs)
  • Building cost approx       =   2500000   (Twenty five lakhs)
  • 5 square feet  land cost    =   10,000      (Ten thousand rupees)
  • 25 square feet  land cost   =   50,000     (Fifty thousand rupees)

We sincerely request all the people to generously donate for this great cause and every amount sent as donation will help us to raise the building thus helping us to build the future of the students and finally end up in upholding the Sanathana  Dharma.

Contributions can be sent by cheque/ DD/ MO in favor of

Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam

Chennai address: Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam,
Sri. Satheesh Achar (Chennai )
Sri.Jayateerthachar, Adyapak & chief advisor
153 B garden woodraf nagar 1st main road,
Perumal NagarExtn., Jamin Pallavaram, Chennai – 620117
Telephone:9841034363, 9840814017

Those who wish to do online e-transfer can find the bank account details below,

Bank Account details:

Account Details

NOTE: Please let us know once you do Online e-transfer so that we can confirm your payment and send you the receipts accordingly.

Contact Trustee’s incase of any queries

  • Managing Trustee: Sri S. Vijayendra Ganapaati(Bharathi)-Cell no:+918098922388
  • Executive Trustee:Sri V. Sathish Sharma- Cell no:+919841034363

Alternatively, you can also email@

For our benefit and also for the development of our Gurukula, let us take part in this and get the blessings of Sri Vayu devaru anthargatha Sri Vedavyasa

We sincerely conduct Veda Parayana and pray to  God to give you and your family relief from all your miseries and help you to move close towards God. Your seva to Veda will bring anantha punya and also bring peace and joy to your family.

Address: Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam, Sri Vijayendra Achar (Srirangam),181, East Uthara Street, Srirangam Trichy – 620006 Contact numbers: +91 8098922388, 9841034363

Chennai branch: Sri Satheesh Achar ,153 B Perumal NagarExtn,Jamin Pallavaram,Chennai – 620117 Contact numbers: +919841034363, +919840814017



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