Ganesha Chaturthi Wishes!!

Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama

Lord Sri Vedavyasa and Sri Ganapathi

Sri Ganapati is Akashadhipati, Abhimani for Akasha, he is the  Son of Rudra devaru & a great grandson of Lord Sri Hari. He is a Brahmachari.He comes in 18th position as per Taratamya concept,along with vishwaksena, ashvini devatas,kubera&seShsa shatasthas.

Sri Jaganatha Dasa in vighnEshvarastOtra saMdhi(Chapter28) of harikathAmR^itasAra has praised shrI vighnEshvara in the 21 stanza’s. I would like to post one sloka on this auspicious day of Sri Ganapathy. Rest of the slokas can be learnt from here. My sincere thanks goes to Sri Harshala Rajesh for allowing me to publish his content. 


HK-Chapter-28 vighnEshvarastOtra saMdhi  -Translated by SGP Char

Source taken from here Learn shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra from here 

harikathAmR^itasAra gurugaLa karuNadiMdApanitu pELuve parama bhagavadbhaktaridanAdaradi kELuvudu

shrIshanaMghri sarOjabhR^iMga ma hEshasaMbhava manmanadoLu pra kAshisanudina prARthisuve prEmAtishayadiMda nI salahu sajjanara vEda

vyAsa karuNApAtra mahadA kAshapati karuNALu kaipiDidemmanuddharisu………..HKAS_28-01

According to shAstra-s, one must perform the pUja of shrI vighnEshvara at the commencement of any pUja. Thus vighnEshAMtaRgata bhAratIramaNa mukhyaprANAMtaRgata shrI vishvaMbhara mURti must first be offered obeisance before commencement of any other pUja. Therefore, JagannAtha dAsa has praised shrI vighnEshvara in the 21 stanza-s of this saMdhi.

shrIshana = laxmIpati shrIman nArAyaNa

aMghrisarOja = sucking the nectar of the Lotus Feet of ParamAtma

bhR^iMga = just like the bees

mahEshasaMbhava = son of mahaR^idra

vEdavyAsa karuNApAtra = obtained the kind anugraha of vEdavyAsa, by writing the mahAbhArata as dictated by him

mahadAkAshapati = bhUtAkAshAbhimAni

karuNALu = kind person

manmanadoLu = in my manas

prakAshisi = enthusiastically energize

anudina = at all times

prEmAtishayadiMda = with intense loving bhakti

prARthisuve = I pray to you

sajjanara = mukti yOgya jIva-s

nI salahu = please protect

emmanu = us

kaipiDidu = by holding our hands

uddharisu = provides us viShNu bhakti and redeem us (save us from the power of evil)

JagannAtha dAsa prays to gaNapati saying, “Oh gaNapati! You sit at the Lotus Feet of sAxAt laxmIpati ParamAtma like a bee which sits on the lotus to suck honey.”

gaNapati is the son of R^idra dEvaru (mahEshasaMbhava) i.e. pARvatI dEvi created her son by the sweaty dirt from her sharIra. So it can be said that gaNapati is the son of pARvatI dEvi. But he was not born by the anugraha of R^idra then how can be called ‘mahEshasaMbhava’?

The story goes – After creating gaNapati, pARvatI dEvi ordered him to guard the house and not allow any one to enter the house as she went in for a bath. R^idra dEvaru who was not around earlier, returned home to find that he was obstructed entry into his own house by gaNapati. R^idra was angry and he cut off the head of this guard of the house. pARvatI dEvi returned after her bath to find this tragic situation and was very upset. R^idra pacified her and ordered his men to go & get the head of anyone who is sleeping with his head in the North direction.

They could find none except an elephant in that position. They cut off the head of that elephant and brought it R^idra dEvaru and by his powers R^idra fixed the elephant head on the dead child and brought him back to life and named him ‘gaNapati’ and made him the adhipati of bhUtagaNa (attendants of shiva). Thus, he was first created by pARvatI dEvi and recreated by R^idra dEvaru and therefore it is okay to define him as ‘mahEshasaMbhava’.

JagannAtha dAsa say, “Oh gaNapati, I pray to you everyday to enable me carry out my functions without obstructions by energizing my manas. Please protect the sajjana-s in this way. You are the one who has the karuNa of vEdavyAsa dEvaru.”

Why should he be called ‘vEdavyAsa karuNApAtra’, when there are several avatAra-s of ParamAtma? When vEdavyAsa dEvaru wanted to write the mahAbhArata, gaNapati told vEdavyAsa dEvaru, “You must dictate the work non –stop”, for which vEdavyAsa told him that he must think, undersgand and write the works. He thus chose gaNapati to be his writer, and gaNapati wrote the whole mahAbhArata. If gaNapati has successfully written the works, then he must have certainly understood them all. That is how he earned the anugraha of vEdavyAsa dEvaru.

JagannAtha dAsa describes gaNapati as ‘mahadAkAshapati’. Among the 24 tatva-s there are paMchamahAbhUta tatva-s. AkAsha tatva is one among ths paMcha mahAbhUta tatva-s. gaNapati is the adhipati for AkAsha tatva. JagannAtha dAsa begs gaNapati to hold our hand (guide us) and provide us viShNu bhakti and redeem us (save us from the power of evil).

Some key understandings:-

1)      vighnEshvara is the adhipati for AkAsha tatva

2)      He is shabda guNa grAhya

3)      He destroys the obstacles of sajjana-s

4)      He does the upAsana of vishvaMbhara ParamAtma – having 19 faces and the central face is the Elephant face. gaNapati is the pratibiMba of vishva nAmaka ParamAtma. He is thus called gajamukha. This is the secret of maMDOdaka upanishad


Sri Ganesha antargata Sri Vishwambara murthi Namaha

Yours in the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,

Venkatesh Rajendra Rao.
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-May the great teacher,Sri VyasaTirtha,be our guide&protector,to grant all our desires.
~~Sri Krsnaarpanamasthu~~

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