Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part15


Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghootama Sri Raghavendra Guravaye Namaha!

The below series on Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.Let our dasaru bless all of us.


Tande Vijayaraya…: Part 15 – Chippagiri Mohan


Sri Vijayadasaru katte with Mohana dasaru

Tande Vijayaraya….. 

Article based on incidents of Chippagiri Nilaya Shri Vijayadasaru

Rescuing  Shri Mohanadasaru from the Apamirthuyo –Chippagiri Mohan

Part – 15

YamaLokha: In  the YamaLokha  there was a  loud noise coming out in the form of crying. The YamaDoothas are punishing the Jeevas who came there. The YamaDhoothas are laughing loudly while punishing them. Their bodies are huge and their eyes are red . Their Mustache and  hairs are very long. They are bringing their tongue out  and in. Their teeth are in Yellowish  in color. They are having wide. Their Jaws are very big. They are in black in colour . They have wore the necklaces made off the Skulls.. They are looking strong and ugly. Their bodies are half covered with clothes. They are holding deadly weapons in theie hands.

Some Yamadoothas are dragging the Jeevas by holding their hairs of the  Jeevas who are new to YamaLokha. They are in hurry to present them before Yamadharamaraja. Among them Shri Mohanadasaru was present. Two Yamadhoothas holding the hands and they are pushing him to the court of YamaDharmaraju. Shri Mohandasaru  looking dull and he is not able to guess what  is happening  and  all hopes on his beloved Guru Shri Vijayadasaru.

In the Bhoolokha In front of the Shri Mohandasaru house many people assembled and shouting at the Mohandasaru  wife Seethamma for not removing the body. There was lot of confusion prevailed  there. People don’t know clearly what is happening.  Seethama convincing them that her  father-in-law, shri Vijayadasaru told her not to remove the body . She pleads them  to have  patience and she is telling them every thing will go according Hari ichhe. Presently I am in deep sorrow as I have lost my husband. My Father-in-law told me about this Apamruthyu of my husband and he also promised that he will rescue my husband from this apamruthyu and went to Kashi That s why I am avoiding you for lifting this body for the funeral.

The  people who assembled there said its alright we will give you some more time to you. After that time is elapsed you are required to remove the body. Seethama agreed for that and she has  totally  depend on his Father-in-law. The people who are present there are talking themselves and they are eagerly waiting  what will happen in the next movements.

In the YamaLokha  The Yamadhothas took Mohan Dasaru  and made him to stand in front of  Shri Yamadharmaraju who is the son of SuryaDevaru . The Yamadharamaraju  sitting in dignified manner his mouthsh is long and they are very sharp and his eyes are red . He has raised eyebrows. he looked at Mohandasaru  he seems to be Shri Vishnu Bhakatha by seeing the murdras and he also born in Vayu Mata by seeing the Angara Ashthe. He requested his minister ChitraGuptha can you brief me about this jeeva what sins he has  committed  and also his whereabouts .

The Chitra Gupta started narrating about Mohandasaru. He is the adopted son of Shri Vijayadasaru who is a Brugumarashi amasha. He has studied Shri Madhwa Shartra  when YamaDharma Rajuru is listening this . Shri Vijayadasaru appeared in the court of Yamadharmarajaru  in his original avathar of Brughamarshi . Few minutes there  was a silence in the court all the eyes on the Brughamarashi he is six  feet wearing the Shri Vishnu Symbols holding a kamandala in his hands. He is looking pleasant his eyes are shining. He came with smiling face every body astonished seeing the Brugamarshi there in that mood.

The Yamadharma rajaru wished the Shri Brughamarshi and said dasare how are you from which place you are coming . Shri Vijayadasaru replied I am coming from Kashi . Immediately Yamadharmarajaru is there any special occasion to visiting us. Yes Yamadhramarajare your servants brought shri Mohanadasaru   who is my adopted son he had met with Apamrithyu According to Shri Hari  He has don’t have Mrutyu . I have blessed his wife Seethama as a “DhirgaSumgangali” please help him to come out from this untimely death. Its alright dasare I will check with my Minister ChitraGupta in a low voice. Shri Mohanadasaru’s eyes are started happiness after seeing his beloved guru there and his fears was got  vanished.

Immediately he ordered his minister to check. When his minister checking the records he came to know actually they have to bring Mohanappa  who is having lot of head weight and his behavior is very bad especially with the pandits. Instead off bringing him they brought the Mohanadasaru and informed to shri Dharmarajaru.  After hearing this he scolded   his servants for not doing  their duties correctly. He ordered them to leave the Mohanadasaru from where they have brought.

Dasare there was a mistake has taken place  from our part on your adopted son. He  will be back to the life and wished him. Shri Vijayadasaru  took leave from Yamadharamarajuru and  returned to  Shri Mohanadasaru House. After few seconds Shri Mohanadasaru got up from the death bed as if he is wakeup from the deep sleep The people are waiting there  to see this incident and they enthralled about shri Mohanadasaru came back to life. shri Mohandasaru first seen the Shri Vijayadasaru  and he has recollected what is happened in the YamaLokha and started singing the Tande Vijayaraya vyaallyakke baMdyO…..

The wife Seethamma was very happy  on Shri Vijyadasaru  who has brought his husband back. Both Husband and wife did namaskarams to Shri Vijayadasaru by holding the feet of Shri Vijaydasaru. After that  Shri Vijayadasaru told them  he has take leave for the evening Sandhya said  and disappeared from that place and continued his yatre.

With the blessings from Hari Vayu Gurugalu  I close this episode on the Shri Vijayarayara paada kruthi writer Shri Mohanadasaru and one of great Haridasa  I thank the HariBhakthas who helped me in writing this  episode.  I brought this beautiful episode which depicts great relationships between master and the disciple before you . Send your feedback to vijayadasaru@

SriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha SriKrishnarapanamas tu.. Shri Vijayadasaru Series continues……………

Always when we believe in Lord Sri Hari The Supreme Lord with clear hearts he will definitely taken care of from  the problems thru Vayu ,MadhwaYaathigalu and Haridasaru .

Note: Apamrutyu can be avoided with the Guru anugraha, KaalaMrutyu cannot be avoided. Here Shri Mohanadaasaru was got struck with Apamrutyu not Kaalamrutyu.

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,

Purnapragnya Tritiyasto Bhagavatkaryasadhak a !!!
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“namah sripAdarAjAya namastE vyAsa yOgine namah purandarAryAya vijayAryAya te namaha”

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