Aradhane of Sri Sri Surendra Theertha

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

|| Sri Surendra Theertha Gurubyo Namaha ||

|| Sri Vijayindra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendra Theertha Gurubyo Namaha ||

Sriman Moola Ramao Vijayathe(Thanks to for this beautiful picture)

Sri Sri Surendra Theertha (1504 – 1575) was the 14th yathigalu in Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt parampare. He was known as Sri Venkatakrishnacharya, in his poorvashrama.His Gurugalu is none other than Sri Raghunandna Theertharu(Hampi).

Sri Sri Surendra Theertha took in charge of SRI mutt for nearly 70 years. As his charma sloka says,in course of his vow of fast, he went round the country thrice. He was a great Vairagyasali. Sri Surendra Theertha got Sri Vishnu Theertha,one of the brilliant and energetic student,from Sri Vyasarajaru and he was renamed as Sri Vijayindra Theertha.He made Sri Vijayindra Theertha as his next successor and also he entrusted the one Narayanacharya under Sri Vijayindra Theertha. Narayanacharya was later renamed as Sri Sudeendra Theertharu(Gurugalu of Sri Raghavendra Theertha).

The Aradhane of this greatest saint Sri Sri Surendra Theertha is celebrated tomorrow(17/1/2011) Pushya Shudda Dwadashi. His moola brindhavana is located at Madurai,Tamilnadu.

Charama Sloka:

yashchakaarOpavaasEna trivaaraM bhUpradakShiNaM | tasmai namO yatIMdraaya shrI surEMdratapasvinE ||

Let Sri Surendra Theertha antharkatha Sri Vayu antharkatha Sri Moola Ramachandra Murthy bless all of us, with Gyana,Bhakthi,Vairagya!


In the service of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu,

Venkatesh Rajendra Rao

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I sincerely pray Sri Sri Surendra Theertha to please forgive my mistakes, which I might have done in this posting.~Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu~


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