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Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendra Guravaye Namaha!

The below series on Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.Let our dasaru bless all of us.


Ninna Olumeyinda nikhila janaru bandu mannisuvaro maharAya – Part11 by Chippagiri Mohan

Sri Vijayadasaru(Image is the courtesy of

Early morning Shri Vijayadasaru  started walking in the streets of Chagi Village without knowing his destination. He is very hungry last night also,he was not taken the rest properly. He is walking slowly with diminutive  strength what he had. Chagi Keshavaraya Kulkarni  a self-effacing personality and pious man and he knows well how to behave with the Shri Vishnu Bhakathas. By seeing the Shri Vijayadasaru (Dasappa) wearing Shri Vishnu Symbols(vaishnava laachana) and went near  and greeted him.  Keshavaraya invited Dasappa for his house for the Teerthaprasada.  Shri Vijayadasaru agreed and followed him. He took the bath and did Devarapuje. After- wards he had a hot  Huggi with Gojju . After that Keshavaraya gave two Varaha(Money) and prostrated before him . Shri Vijayadasaru took that Dakshina and  he paid great- respect on Keshavaraya in his heart.

After coming out he decided(hari- prerane) to go to Kashi  Kshetra  thinking that he is  a lonely person. He left for the Kashi( is one of the sacred places to be remembered daily) and he spent four years  there and he returned to Chikkalaparvi. His parents are happy by seeing the Dasappa after 4 years. They feared that he will leave them again and they determined to perform marriage of Dasappa. According to that they brought a beautiful girl named Aralamma (name of Shri AshwathNarayana Devaru) and the marriage took place.

Sixteen years he lead  the family life. Children are also born to him. His parents expired . He wants to visit Gaya to perform Shradha for his parents.  He visited Gaya  and performed  Shradha on  Vishnupaada with that he fulfilled the duties of  his parents.. After  this he is used to spend  his life by doing Namasmarane of Lord Vishnu.

One day night when he was asleep one person(divya purusha) with   tumboori in his hand, having turbun, on his head and having Mudras of Shri Vishnu. Ghandha ,Akshate and Angara is wearing on his forehead. The divya purusha made him to wakeup in his dream and took him to the banks of Vyasa Kashi  The  bright stars and full moon is present . The trees branches are moving slowly breezing sounds are coming. Water in the Ganga are becoming warm .  The divya purusha is none other than Shri Naradamuni who came in the form of Shri Purandaradasaru and  said to  Dasappa “please have your bath in the Holy Ganga ”. Dasappa did as per instructions. Afterwards Shri Purandaradasaru took him to Shri Vedavysa Devaru and had his darshan . Shri Vedavysarau wrote “VijayaVittala” on his tongue and  Presented amazing  Tumboori to him and said “Dasappa from today your name is Vijayadasaru and  you will be writing Pada , Suladis, Ughaboghas and you will be the Haridasa and you are propagating Shri Madhwacharya’s Tatwa with your beautiful lucid language” and blessed him. Panchabhoothas stood as the proof and they are present there also blessed the Shri Vijaydasaru. Saraswathi” Godess of knowledge” started dancing on his tongue. Slowly Shri Purandaradasaru disappeared from his dream .

Next day  morning he got up  and  seen a bright changes in his body his mind is fresh and from that moment  what ever he has says they have become  Haridasa keertanas . Devotees from different places are pouring in and they are taking the blessings of Dasaru.  The greatness of Shri Vijayadasaru heard by then Maharaja of Kashi and he invited the Dasaru and gifted valuable gifts to him. Hundreds of devotees joined Shri Vijayadasaru.

He started the Journey to his native place Chikkalaparvi many disciples are followed  him. There was warm welcome by his people in Chikkalaparvi. People  seeing Dasappa as  Shri Vijayadasaru stunned for his glorious personality carrying a beautiful tumboori  in his hands having Vishnu mudras , Tulasi Male , Turban on his head  many people  assembled there to watch Dasappa’s new avatara as Shri Vijayadasaru.

A small beautiful girl child  with  tender hands holding a garland and went near to ShriVijayadasaru to put garland to him. This was noticed by  Shri Vijaydasaru  immediately inturn he put garland in her neck and   he lifted  with his two hands  in the air and rotated her and kissed her on cheeks. There was lots and lots  of joy filled in her  heart.

One disciple age between 40’s among the crowd went near to Shri Vijayadasaru and prostrated . He hold his feet and the feet are smooth. he swiped his feet with his Shalya. He prayed  and begged him to over come his problems what ever he has facing having tears in the eyes. Two drops of tears fallen on the feet of the Shri Vijayadasaru. Slowly shri Vijayadasaru lifted him up and blessed him by giving mantrakshate. His happiness as no bounds and Slowly that man moved away from that crowd thinking that he has touched the Sky and thanking the Paramatma for giving a excellent opportunity for having a chance to meet the extraordinary Haridasaru ..

Once he never had a proper food and clothes but today he is getting food and money  one after the other from all the corners where ever he visits . Dasaru has made name . Jamindhar of  Vijayanagara which is present in Godhavari district of Andhra Pradesh has presented valuable gifts  in the form of  to him.  What ever the gifts he is used  to receive in turn he is used distributed them to the needy people.

Like this he memorizing the incidents of the past where the incidents has  taken place in Raghavendraraya’s house ,Chagi Keshavaraya’s House  and laughed himself  about that incidents and wrote a beautiful Kruthi Ninna Olumeyinda Nikhila Janaru Bandu mannisuvarO maharaaya …. Praising the Lord Shri Hari. Shri Vijayadasaru  who attainted the spiritual excellence  and Aparoskha Jnani who came to this earth to preach Sri MadhwaCharya’s  Philosophy in his own style in-continuation with shri purandaradasaru . We are all blessed by the Hari Sarvothamma who has introduced  us this marvelous ShriVijayadasaru for this we should salute immensely to Lord Shri Hari.

With the blessings from the Hari Vayu Gurugalu I  have completed this Eleventh  Episode as the part of the  Shri Vijayadasaru Series.  I thank people who are supporting  and encouraging me to write this series. Please send  your comments and suggestions to vijayadasaru@

Quote:  “ Hari chittakke bandadde satya, nara chitta lavalEsha naDeyadO…….

SriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha SriKrishnarapanamas tu

To be Continued…………

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,

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“namah sripAdarAjAya namastE vyAsa yOgine namah purandarAryAya vijayAryAya te namaha”

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