Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part10


Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendra Guravaye Namaha!

The below series on Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.


SaNNa Soutina Tumba Ganjee KaNade…………

Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part10 -Chippagiri Mohan

Sri Vijaya Dasaru- Image is the courtesy of

18th century- on those days Adwani  is a small town,it was ruled by Nawab‘s. Raghavendraraya,an arrogant and obstinate Tahsildhar working under Nawab’s regime. He made name in the people as the cruel officer. He was performing the marriage of  his son and invited whole town as well as nearby villages for the marriage ceremony. He has erected big Pandals & brought Musicians from the various places.

People were coming from various places to attend this grand  function. They were all carrying   different types of gifts to woo the Tasildhar. There were instructions from the tahsildhar who ever brought a  wonderful and costly gifts for the marriage  they will be allowed to sit beside  him for the Lunch for that sake the  people working under him were competing among themselves.

For that Marriage,Dasappa(Shri Vijayadasaru) , came  so that he can have a  sufficient food for a week. It was the time for the Lunch there was a mad rush many people are reserving the seats  by putting the clothes or their luggage across the lanes.  Dasappa started searching the place for him.Finally  he got a seat and sat with relax and  thinking that he will taste food what he waiting for the so many days . On those days  the marriages were performed nearly for one week.Servers were laying  the clean big Banyan leaves and they started serving the food one item after item finally they put the rice and ghee they were told to put chitraahuti .

Dasappa (Shri Vijayadasaru) did chitraahuti and he was about to eat the food. Raghavendra Raya came on the lane,he was about 6 feet tall he was strong he was wearing the Turbon which is made of Silk. His hair is thick and black  the people started praising him and shouted slogans on  Ragahavendra Raya there was a small smile in his face. His  looks were proud . He was moving by passing the people at last he stopped where Dasappa(Shri Vijayadasaru) was sitting and he hold his hand  pulled him out from the Lane  forcefully .

For few seconds Dasappa could not understand what is happening in front him. Raghavendra Raya in loud voice asked him what is your name Dasappa said my name is Dasappa in trembling tone . “Oh you are only Koosi Maga Dasa” said RaghavendraRaya playfully at that time Dasappa face became small his eyes were filled with tears. From which place you are from questioned Raghavendraraya.Dasappa answered-I am from Chikkalaparvi in a low voice.  “Oh Dasappa -without doing any work you want to take this food it is not coming free for you, if want to food today you have extract Gandha for all the people who have assembled here”and showed him the SaneKallu and Gandhada Mara which is placed near the Tulasi Katti.

Dasappa went to Tulasi Katti  to extract  the Gandha. The Sanekallu is very big. He Pour some water on the Sannekallu and put the Gandha chakki(Sandalwood Piece) started wiping in clockwise direction . He was angry by himself why he has born in the poverty stricken family and cursed himself. He did the work with patiently By that time first Pankthi is over. Second Pankthi is also started his eyes on the Banyan leaves and food which is served. He is feeling hungry  as he could not have food last night. His tongue is becoming dry his eyes are closing his hands and legs are not supporting him and he is getting back pain as he stood long hours. But there is no way escape  from this work .
The Second Pankthi as well as third pankthi also over. Everybody who came there are finished their food and happily chewing betel nuts and betel leaves.But here dasappa state is very bad state that he could not have a  food , slowly Sun setting down people who came there are started moving out from that place Dasappa decided to sleep  on the Tulasi Katti without any food it is an Ekadasi for the Dasappa .

The darkeness spread he hold the lamp and moved towards the front door of the Raghavendraraya house accidently the lamp glass slipped and fallen on the ground by hearing the sound RaghavendraRaya came out and seen “Oh Koosimaga Dasa still what are you doing here you have to clear this place” and shouted carelessly. Dasappa wants to express his thoughts but he has not allowed to speak . Raghavendraraya called his servants and ordered them to pull out this  Koosimaga from this place . His servants hold his biceps recklessly and thrown him out and closed the gates. The Dasappa became very weak and slowly got up with the strength what ever  he has and his  legs took him towards Chagi a nearby village of Adawani .

This is the one of the saddest incident has happened in the Shri Vijayadasaru Life. As he is a Aproksha Jnani he has controlled himself with great patience and it is a really gift to him by Lord Shri Hari to control all his emotions.

With the blessings from the Hari Vayu Gurugalu I  have completed this Tenth Episode as the part of the  Shri Vijayadasaru Series.  I thank people who are supporting  and encouraging me to write this series. Please send  your comments and suggestions to vijayadasaru@

SriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha SriKrishnarapanamastu
– To Be Continued…………….

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,
Purnapragnya Tritiyasto Bhagavatkaryasadhak a !!!
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