Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part8


Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendra Guravaye Namaha!

The below series on Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.


Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part8  -Chippagiri Mohan

Kallur Sri Mahalakshmi

Hariya Krupe

Sree Mahalakshmi  Devi visited Shri Vijayadasaru’s House
Every day morning after finishing his daily rituals Shri Vijayadasaru is used to go to lonely place where  he is used to perform “Tapas”.  In the evening he is used to return to his house. One day as usual  he went out . His Mother “Kusamma” is staying singly in the house. Her daughter-in- law “Aralamma” went to her friend’s house. It is afternoon no one is present in the street .  The street look   deserted. Kusamma is doing   Shri Hari Namasmarane.At the doorway there was a Anklets sound it is soothing for her Ears after that there was sound some body  is knocking at the door. Kusamma think that her daughter-in- law might have returned. she got up and went to see.After opening door  she witnessed a elegant  woman.

She is wearing a fabulous Silk sari in the Kache .She is wearing the  Vadhyana(waist Belt) made of with Gold studded with precious pearls, diamonds, emeralds.  Her hair is well combed and hair is  decorated with Jasmine flowers. Mangalsutra made up of black beads are tied around   neck. She has also wearing Long necklaces made up of diamonds, emeralds, Her Red Sindhura on her forehead is in lamp shape . She kept (Kaadige) in  Eyes. Her Eyes are shining. Her bangles are making   pleasing sounds. She is wearing Gold studded Ear rings which are doing Natya while she is nodding the head. Her fingers are decorated with a diamond rings .
The words fell short for me to  describe her beauty .In one hand she is carrying  one (Belli) silver plate contains Naivedhya and  other hand contains  silver(Belli) tumbler contains water. she could not believe with her own eyes by seeing that wonderful beauty . The woman gently asked “Kusamma can I get inside”. After hearing the  pearl like words  she said warmly come inside.  While she is walking the Anklets are making a pleasant sounds and  that area is filled with sandalwood fragrance  which is coming from her clothes.

She asked where is Vijayadasaru he was invited for the Ashwath Narayana Puje and also we invited him for the thirtha prasada. Myself and my husaband waited up to now but he did not turned up. My husband told me to give this thirtha prasada .What ever she brought she gave it to Kusamma.  Kusamma received it with great respects. Kusamma said who are you? And  from which place you came.  who is your husband etc., She put question after question thinking that she will forget the questions to ask.

Slowly that woman started answering one by one question of Kusamma. She said my name is MahalakshmiAkka and my husband name is Narayana we came from Sreenivasapuri she answered politely without giving chance to Kusamma to guess. After answering the questions of Kusamma LakshmiAkka told to Kusamma can I leave my husband is waiting for me and she got up Kusamma said wait for a minute. She came with Sindura and Tambula  and offered to MahaLakshmiakka and she went upto the door and left her.

After few minutes Mahalakshmi akka left. Kusamma went at the door and peeped in the street but no one is found in the street.In the evening Shri Vijayadasaru came to the house  and found some Sandalwood smell is coming out  from the walls. Immediately he asked his mother what is this smell she said You are supposed to attend the Ashwatha Narayana Puje which is to be performed by your friend Narayana  they  waited for you for the long time but, when you did not attend he sent his wife to our house to give the Naivadhya and water.  Shri Vijayadasaru after listening from her mother what you are saying I donot know any thing about that. Her mother took him inside the kitchen and showed him the Naivedhya and water . Shri Vijayadasaru  wondered by seeing them . He immediately enter into the Devaramane (Puje Room) for evening Sandhyavandane at that time he sensed  that  Lord Sri Hari’s beloved wife Saskshat Maha Lakshmi devi visited their house . He only served the Naivedhaya to his mother.

Dasaru composed the splendid devaranama as it goes like this “Neenolidudakiha Soukhyave innu! Nanolle Nanolle Sarvesha| maanasadali nitya nerenambi iruvantha-maanavana kooDe mounadalippudu…… it is in Three stanzas.
Sri Vijayadasaru appealed earnestly  to Shri Hari I never asked this Silver Tumbler , Silver plate and food.  Do not entertain me in giving this temporary lavish life.  I don’t want this worldly affairs which will remain for the short span and they will not leads to Moksha  he repeatedly requested the Shri Hari.  Bless me with your  benedictions. This shows  clearly that As a great Aproksha Jnani he is not interested in the worldly affairs. He served the Sri Hari with out ambitions .  Those who serve the Shri Hari with utmost dedication they will be protected.
Moral of the event:
… Ghana mahima gaangeyanuta gaayanava kELuta gaganachara vaahana divoukasaroDane charisuva manemanegaLalli…
Shri Hari never leaves alone his bhaktaru and always follows/saves them in each births.

ShriBharathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargata ShriKrishnarapanama stu

To be continued……

Mohan Chippagiri MCA

smarisi badukiro divya charaNakeragiro…….

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,
Purnapragnya Tritiyasto Bhagavatkaryasadhaka !!!
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“namah sripAdarAjAya namastE vyAsa yOgine namah purandarAryAya vijayAryAya te namaha”

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