Article based on Sri Vijayadasaru-Part4

Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!

The below series on Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.


Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part4

-Chippagiri Mohan

Sri Vijaya Dasaru

Sri Vijayadasaru and Sri Kalluru Subbannachar

Place- a village in Raichur district :  Since morning the pandits and other people in the village are talking about the Shri TeekaRayara Virachita SrimanNayaSudha’s SudhaMangala and afternoon thirtha prasada etc.The SudhaMangala is going to held in the house of the famous scholar of that village Sri Kalluru Subbannachar. He brought cooks from that place but one cook who is expert in preparing Mandige could not turn up due his busy schedule. At that time Sri Vijayadasaru was also present in that place by knowing the news of the Mandige master did not turn up, he himself decided to enter the kitchen to make the Mandige.

All the Pandits are assembled there to witness the Sudha Mangala  and Pandits are enthusiastically waiting to take part in the Mangala. By that time Sri Vijayadasaru was also came  there after preparing  Mandige.  Kalluru Subbana char is looking proud that he was organizing this gathering and he was thinking at that time that he is only immense Scholar and nobody is equal to him  but he do not know that, there is  Sri Vijayadasaru who is Aparoskhsa jnaani. His  voice is becoming loud and his eyes brows are raised and he is in the  Silk dress and in that dress he want to project himself about his richness.

The Lectures are about to commence  Sri Vijayadasaru stood on behalf of the all Pandits requested Kalluru Subbannachar to do a translate the one slokha of the Sudha and to explain. After the listening the question Subbannachar stood briskly and looked him from top to bottom and said who is this Dasaru asking this complicated question who don’t know the correct meaning of the Sudha  .

Subbanachar started talking to the pandits and Pandits thought that he will be   translating the Sri Sudha instead he started talking to Sri vijayadasaru and questing him “Dasare do you think it is easy to understand the Sudha and why do you need  this great grantha. You came here for  the thirtha prasada  have it and and go calmly without  wasting  my precious time” . Sri Vijayadasaru did not talk any thing and he was tolerant and calm having a smile in his face. The Pandits are assembled there are became   mere  spectators.

Subbannachar shouted get ready for the thirtha prasada he ordered the pandits to occupy their places and he is totally disturbed and he has lost control what he is talking for himself. Pandits thought this Sudha mangala programme became squander. After the hearing the words of the Subbanachar Sri Vijayadasaru said “Subbannacharya please wait, I think you have finished your talking.

Wait for some minutes simply he called the illiterate person present there his clothes are also not proper . Kalluru Subbanachar and the Pandits are watching what Dasaru is doing with that person. Dasaru put some Mantrashakthe and kept his  Amrutha hand on his head the person started the translation instantly of the Sudha  when dasaru removes the hand the person stops translation, again  when Dasaru  keeps the translation begins. All Pandits including Kallur Subbannachar astonished by watching and they could not imagine what is happening. Suddenly he realized that Dasaru is not an ordinary person and  he  under estimated the Dasaru and he repented  that he letdown this great Dasaru in  front of the fellow Pandits and ashamed of that act.  Without waiting for any thing and he  fell down at the holy feet of the Sri Vijaydasaru and said Dasare please pardon me for the deeds what I committed. You are great and  sent by Supreme Lord to remove ignorance in me and said in shivering voice.  The Sri Vijayadasaru had a small smile in his face and lifted the Kalluru Subbanachar and said from today onwards you are Haridasa and your new task to  write devaranamagalu ,Ughabogagalu and suladis to keep flag high of our Great master Sri Madhwacahrya’s Philosophy under the ankithanama as VyasaVittala.

Like this Sri Vijayadasaru changed one more life. With that result Sri Kallur Subbannachar wrote the “Nakshatramalika Storta popularly known as Sri Vijayarayara Kavacha…. smarisi badukiro divya charaNakeragiro……. and Daily many people will be reciting in the homes.  It is a wonderful composition praising the Sri Vijayaraya who has transformed  his life and introduced to us  and with this I hereby close this part as the part of the Sri Vijayadasaru series by Sri VysaVittala ‘s compostion. SriVijayarayara Kavacha of one  charana.

Moral of the event :

Sadachara, sadvichara, Jnaana, bhakti, vairagya will be ripened “only  through” Guru Anugraha . Till then sadhaka need to search for niyata-guru without any ahamkara and with sadachara in his daily sadhane.

SriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha SriKrishnarapanamas tu

To be Continued……….

smarisi badukiro divya charaNakeragiro…….

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,
Purnapragnya Tritiyasto Bhagavatkaryasadhaka !!!
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“namah sripAdarAjAya namastE vyAsa yOgine namah purandarAryAya vijayAryAya te namaha”

In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao


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