|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

|| Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendra Theertharigae Namo Namaha Namo Namaha ||

The below article is written by my Guru Dr.B.Basker Rao, who is also called as Upanyasa Chakravarthy. My sincere thanks to him for presenting such a nice article on our Mantralaya Mahaprabhu.

Sri Raghavendraru Moola brindhavana


Parimalacharya – By Dr. B. Basker


Namaskara to all Haribhakthaas,

One day in the Satya loka, Lord Brahma summons Saraswathi and gives Her a bunch of fragrent flowers to be worn in Her Hair and asks Her to go to place where their beloved servant Shanku Karna had taken the avatara as Venkatanatha was writing a commentary on the Sudha. She respectfully obeys the orders of Chaturmukha Brahma and appears before the radiant Venkatanatha who was busy writing the gloss on te Sudha.She converts the tongue of Venkatanatha into a stage and makes the rountenance of the latter more effulgent. She starts to dance, a divine dance and the fragrant flowers given by the spouse falls on the stage and is sanctified also by the trampling of Vakdevi.

This sweet Parimala box with us in the form of the classical work “Sudha Parimala” and gave the name of Parimalacharya to Sri Venkatanatha. Sri Vaadindara Teertha in His Guruguna Shtavana poetically portrays the above incident in the 19th shloka.


Guruguna Stavana(19th sloka):

dhirasriraghavendra tvadatularasanaranganrtyatsvayambhu-
yosa-dhammillabharaslathakusumatatistvagdirah sangiramah |
yabhih sammisritabhirniravadhivasudha visruta sasudha pi
ksonigirvanagamyam parimalamatulam sampratam samprapede || 19

Sri Rayaru is also hailed as Parimalacharya as His holiness had written a work on the famous Sri Man Nyaaya Sudhaa of Sri Teeka krit padaru. It is believed that in His poorvashrama Venkatanatha used to sit in the late hours writing this memorable work and once Sri Suddendra Teertaru himself saw the young boy lying down after writing for that day and His Holiness was much impressed and conferred the title of Parimalacharya’ on him since it gave an exotic fragrance to the intellect.

Sri Vadindraru here in all poetical excellence compares the tongue of Sri Rayaru as a stage and Sri Saraswati devi joyfully dances on it and the flowers strewn on it from here are the words by which this fragrant work has been done.  Is it not natural that it should be hailed as Sri Sudhaa Parimala.

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May Sri Parimalacharya bless all of us,

In the service of Sri Harih.
Venkatesh Rajendran


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