Article based on Sri Vijayadasaru-Part3

Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!

The below series on Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.


Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part3

-Chippagiri Mohan

Lord Sri Venkateshwara

Sri Vijayadasaru at Thimappa Darushana

In those days going to Tirumala was a very difficult task . The devotees had to walk long distances or should travel on Bullock carts. To climb the Tirumala Betta with bare foot is very difficult. The only way to climb the betta is thru the steps and one should pass through the dense forests and the devotees had to face lot of hardships. Sri Vijayadasaru was fond of  Tirumala Venkappa and used to visit Tirumala regularly.  Sri Vijayadasaru will  consider as Sri Venkataramana as a close friend(sakhya bhakti-one of the navavidha bhakti) and he used to talk with Tirumala Venkappa in his dreams as well as through his kruthis . Sri Vijayadasaru has contributed many Kruthigalu on this great Venkataramana Paramathama who is proudly residing  in the hill which is called Bhoovaikunta. As usual Sri Vijayadasaru visited Tirumala  Brahmotsava  the grand event which takes place every year .

Sri Vijayadasaru had darshana for all the days of the Brahmastova but except on one day he could not have darshana. Sri Vijayadasaru repetitively  requested the temple arachakas to allow him for the darshana but they did not allow him. Finally he walked out of the temple with concerned mind thinking it is a kind of HARIYA SANKALPA. On that day he could not take the prasada and decided to do upavasa.

Sri Vijayadasaru without talking to any body sat in one corner and thinking about  hari-darshana . He immediately called one of his disciples and he gave him a chit and told him to keep that chit under the wheels of the Brahma Ratha. The disciple did what ever the dasaru had instructed to him.When the time came to move the the Brahmaratha contains deity. Thousands and Thousands of devotees were assembled to witness the grand event. The devotees were singing Govinda Govinda namasmarane.

Archakas are doing archane to  the   deity.   The crowd which is present there was not able to control. The Ratha was about to start devotees  tied with the long ropes to the Ratha(chariot)   and they were ready to pull and they started pulling  the Ratha but it did not move an inch. In that situation  The Archakas did not know what is happening and they told some more devotees to join  and pull  the rope  of the Ratha (Chariot) even then it is same situation. The Archakas dedcided to bring the elephants to drag the Ratha .

After an hour the Elephants were brought and tied to the Ratha and elephants moved front then also the Ratha did not move from its place. The devotees who were present there talking about this incidents among themselves and this news spread like a fire. To witness this event more number of devotees were coming from the nook and corners of the Tirumala. The Archakas are not able to control the situation and they are in dilemma and they are trying different methods to pull the chariot(Ratha) but all their plans are going waste and finally they started  praying the Lord to solve their troubles

All these incidents are watching by Lord Sreenivasa and he is laughing at the archakas what ever the plans are they are doing is not working out and they did not know that they did not allow the beloved Bhaktha of me because of that they have to face the music .

Finally Lord came in disguised as a small child  and appeared before the Archakas. At that the climate is calm the wind God stood silently    the birds which are flying in the sky stood stand still. The Sun God disappeared and made the way to the Rain God to drizzle to welcome  the Paramatma in the BhooVaikuntha . Papanashini which is flowing robustly by making  loud noise also stopped, the flowers in the gardens are also started blossoming the branches of the trees are also watching silently with out making any noise in order to give respect to the Lord.

The Child approached them to say some thing to the Archakas  in spite of listening the words of the child, they started questioning who are you from where you came and tell us about your parents and they poured questions on the child they annoyed and they said briskly come later we are very busy in breaking our heads  that why this chariot is not moving and they tried to avoid the child and they taught the child has came there to interrupt their ideas.

Every body eyes were on the child  and they are all waiting what  that child was going to do. The child is looking very beautiful with dimple chin and with blue eyes and he is s resembling like the Vamana  thousand eyes will not sufficient to see that  glorious personality but the devotees don’t know  that the lord himself  came to this earth and they taught an oridinary child came to rescue the Arachakas from the problem. Once again the child turned to the Archakas and said loudly what ever the problem your are facing I know that I came here to solve your problem when the boy is saying repeatedly about this and the Arachkas said about the Chariot is not moving.

Immediately the child said  “Today morning one Haridasaru from Chikkalaparvi came for the darshan of Lord but you did not allowed him for darshan, you have to search that Haridasaru and bring him here afterwards the Chariot will move”.  The devotees who are present there are eagerly want to see the Haridasaru how he looks and they are waiting for him.

Next you have to take him for the darshana of the Lord if you do all this the Chariot will move after hearing the words from the child and they thought this child is sent by Lord and they do not know that Lord himself came. Finally the Archakas started searching the Sri Vijayadasaru after some time they found Sri Vijayadasaru sitting lonely on the Rock and they brought one person to the nearer to the chariot . He is looking short and wearing Kachepancha  and a Uttaria  on the shoulders. His head is covered with turban his forehead is decorated with Gopichandane Mudras on his two temples. His Chest and stomach bears the dwadasahanamagalu including his shoulders.

He is holding Tamboori and wearing Tulasimala. By seeing this  anybody can easily recognizes him  as Vaishnavite and the people who assembled there guessed he is the Haridasaru and they are all appreciated for his simple look  and they all put  Namaskara in their hearts. As soon as they see Sri Vijayadasaru  they removed the Elephants which tied to the chariot and devotees started the pulling the chariot by doing Govinda Namasmarane  slowly the wheels of the chariot started rolling on the ground the joy was no bounds  in the hearts devotees and  as well as in Archakas.

The Archakas  looked for the child in and around who has given the brilliant master plan to solve their problem but the child disappeared and they realized that lord himself has to came to this earth. Afterwards they are all went to Sri Vijayadasaru and said to Dasaru “you are so great and you brought the Lord to this earth” and they all prostrated to Sri Vijayadasaru for their grave mistake committed and they said “come with us we will take you to the darshana of Thimappa” before going Sri Vijayadsasaru prostrated the ratha and deity in the chariot  and Sri Vijayadasaru is followed them to see his beloved Paramatma.

For Sree Vijayadasaru Lord Sreenivasa is looking by adoring “Koustubham” present on his chest and Nagabharanas   adorn  his hands. Simha Vahanam”  is present on the “Gopura” Top. It is nothing but a mixture of Sarva Devatha Samanvaya Roopa.  Lord Sreenivasa’s  right hand is the Varadha Hastha. This Posture called as “Katyavalambita Mudra”.The Moola Virat has four arms, signifying the four stages that represent every form of  of life. It also represents domination over the four directions of space and thus signifying the omnipotence of the Lord. The upper right arm holds Sudarsana Chakra (discus) and the right arm holds Pancha-Janya (Conch). The lower right hand is in Varada hasta (boon giving) pose and lower left hand is in Katyavalambita pose, turned inwards after seeing the Moola Virat Sri Vijayadasaru started singing the Saagibarayyaa Bhavarogada Vaidyane….. devaranama again, which was composed infront of the Chariot and with this composition the chariot moved  further.

With great respects and thinking in his mind “oh Lord without your involvement today I would not have dasarushana you are so kind of me and gave your Sundara Mohanaroopa  darshan at that time the dasaru’s eyes are filled with tears without knowing his fingers on the Tamburi started moving the strings and the music is coming like sea waves and they are pleasant to hear everybody present there are kept pin drop silence and some devotees are whispering themselves  because of this Dasaru the Brahmaratha is moved.  Sri Vijayadasaru is the great Haridasaru and he brought the Venkappa on this earth and created BhooVaikunta Tirumala because Sri Vijayadasaru is a Vayudevara shishya Brughumaharshi amsha .

On this auspicious of Vaikunta Ekadasi, I am sharing story on the Sri Vijayadasaru visit to Tirumala as part of Sri Vijayadasaru Series.

Moral of the event: All the events are governed by Shri Hari and run as per his sankalpa. The True hari- bhakta always get the recognition and shri hari-vyaapara is not understood without his kaarunya.

Ninna Darushanake Bandavanallavo Deva||
Punyavantara divya charana Nodali Bande||

SriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha SriKrishnarapanamas tu

To be Continued……….

smarisi badukiro divya charaNakeragiro…….

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,
Purnapragnya Tritiyasto Bhagavatkaryasadhaka !!!
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“namah sripAdarAjAya namastE vyAsa yOgine namah purandarAryAya vijayAryAya te namaha”

In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao


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