Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji

|| Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendra Gurubyo Namaha ||
|| Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Guruvae Namaha ||

The below article is the courtesy of my well wisher, Sri. Mohan Chippagiri. I would like to thank him for an excellent article about (the last peetadipathi of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralaya) Sri. Sushamindra Tirtha Sripadangalavaru.


Nadedaduva Rayaru

Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji Period :1926-2009

-Chippagiri Mohan

||sudhee jana sumandaaram sudheendra suta supriyam |

| sushameendra gurum vande sujayeendra karodbhavam |||

With his magnificent personality and  his dynamic looks  Swamiji  attracted his disciples with his divine power .The devotees fulfilled their desires after taking blessings and Mantrashkethe from the Srigalu.. Swamiji toured nook and corners of our country.Swamiji can be known as one of the shining stars of Sri Madhwacharya’s Galaxy. His 25 years of term as Peetadipathi of Rayara Matha is enormous. Swamiji used to speak very less what ever the words come from the mouth would become anugruha vachanas.

Swamiji was born in the Gowtham Gotra in the year 1926  in Nanjanagodu.Swamiji’s parents were Raja Gopalacharya and Smt Padmavathi Bai . Mysore Maharaja Gifted “Raja” to the family of Gopalacharya so from then onwards Gopalacharya became RajaGopalacharya In Purvaashrama swamiji married to Smt ShanthaBai.

On the banks of Tunga river  there is a sacred village called Bichale where Sri Rayaru used to meet Sri Appanacharya who is close associate of Mantralaya Prabhugalu in this place Sri Suprajendra charbecame the Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji and took the reigns of Sri Rayara Matha from  Shri Sujayindra thirtharu , Peetadipathi of then Rayara Matha in the year 1986 from then onwards Sri Swamiji never looked back and Sri Swamiji started serving the Madhwa Community. Sri Swamiji was always chanting Lord Sree Moola Rama’s  name.and Rayru’s nama smarane.

Shri Vidhyamanya Thirtharu another great pontiff of our community had  himself accepted that he had seen Rayaru in the form of  Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji. Shri Vidhyamanya Thirtharu requested Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji to bless him even though the Sri Vidhyamanya Thirtharu was elder to Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji When Great Yathi like Sri Vidhyamanya Thirthru had accepted Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji as Rayaru what about common man like us.Sri Swamiji dedicated himself to serve the Madhwa Community.

During Sri Swamiji’s term the matha took many developmental activities in the matha had grown leaps and bounds. Sri Swamiji installed 86 Rayara Mrithika Brindavanas.Sri Swamiji has became the Ambasador of Rayaru and Sri Swamiji has given an opportunity to Serve Rayaru  in our localities by installing Rayara Mritika Brindavanas.

In the field of publications swamiji’s role is laudable by  selling books and Matha Magazines at the rock bottom prices and publishing Mathas Magazines in almost all Regional languages.

In the field of education he has started many Gurukulas and he has extended his helping hand to the needy poor and he has distributed clothing and food. Swamiji has made achievements In honouring 200 scholars Tirumali and 200 scholars in Hyderabad 101 scholars in Hampi 104 scholars in Kumbhakonam. He has performed Halina Abishekha with 500 litres. In One day he has performed one Crore Astototra. During Sri Swamiji’s  term Chippagiri Sri Vijayadasara katti has got Sliver Kavacha  and also on Madhya Aradhane of Sri Vijayadasara the Mantralaya rayara matha will provide Annadhana. And Sri Swamiji organized many  jnana Yagnas in many places.

Swamiji has instituted many awards like Shri Raghavendraanugraha Prashasti which will be presented on the Aradhane of Rayaru. Till now Six scholars have received this award. Besides this , Asthana Vidwamsa Prashati,Shri Vijayindra anugraha Prashasti, Shri Kavindra Prashasti,Shri Vagisha Prashsti are also conferred on respective Aradhanas. “Sri Sujayasri” award will be given to the personalities who have made name in the field of sports, Medicine, Artists etc., The achievements of Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji is beyond the imagainations In this century we are fortunate to have his blessings from this great Yathigalu.

Before closing this writeup I pray Hari vayu Gurugalu who have given me an opportunity to write this article on Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji and my deep pranamas to Hari Vayu gurugalu and Swamiji. Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji will remain as Nadedaduva Rayaru in our hearts

||Barathi Ramana Mukhya pranantargata SriKrishnarpanamastu||

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I pray at the lotus feet of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu to do anugraha to all Harih Vayu Gurugalu bhakthas.

In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao.

Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu!


3 thoughts on “Shri Sushamindra Thirtha Swamiji

  1. Hare Srinivasa,

    You are right mohanavare, shri shri 1008 shri sushameendra teertha looked like Rayaru. Always smiling and caring all rayara devotees, just by looking at him we used to feel our sins getting washed out. Every Aradhane function used to be really great in mantralaya during his presence. He never talked anything else other than Rayaru & moola rama. Moola Rama devara pooja by him was other blessing to the eyes. He had such a tejas on his face with a heart of a child. He never used to looked tiered, used to welcome all of the rayara devotees with great affection and used to bless all of them with phala Mantrakshate. He is not doubt the avatara of Shri Appanacharya, always in the seva of guru rayaru. He has performed many miracles during his tenure many of which even we are not aware off. whenever i used to see him tears used to start rolling such was his divine presence of him. Devotees used to call him nadedaduva rayaru. We are really fortunate to have seen him & seeked his blessings during our life time. I always used to say to myself if Shri 1008 Shushmeendra teertaru is so kind like this how more would guru rayaru be & my imaginations would stop then as we say “Agamya mahima loke raghavendro mahayasha”.

    Again its very sad we dont have swamiji admist us but his blessings will always continue to be.

    Sudhijana sumandaram Sudheendra Sutha Supriyam
    Sushameendra gurum vande Sujyaneedra Karodbhavam.

    There is much much more to say about our kind swamigalu and guru rayaru but i am a ajnyani and have shared my yata shakti feelings.

    Asmad Guru antargata raghavendra teertha guruvantargata mukhya pranantargata sitapate shri moolaramachandra preraneya sitapate shri moolaramachandra prityartham shri krishnarpanamastu.

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