Article based on Sri Vijayadasaru-Part2

Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!

The below series on Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.


Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part2

-Chippagiri Mohan

“Shree Vijayarayarapaada Nijavaagi Nambalu

Ajanapita Taane olive….

Sri Vijayadasaru and Sri Mohanadasaru

Hampi- Sri Vijayadasaru came to Hampi to commemorate the aradhane of his dearly loved Guru Sri Purandara Dasaru, who has enlighten   him in the path of Hanumana matha . In the wee hours, Sri Vijayadasaru had gone to Tungabhadra river to take bath and to perform his daily rituals the climate was very chill and a very few people were taking bath and the water in the river was ice cold. People who were present are afraid of taking bath in the cold water at that time  Dasaru noticed a woman carrying a child and She was weeping and was deserted by her parents as well as in-laws. She came there to   commit suicide by first throwing the baby in the  river.  From that distance,  Sri Vijayadasaru sensed and slowly approached her and questioned her  “why are you staying here in these early hours and for whom you are waiting let me know”.

By hearing the words of Sri Vijayadasaru she started crying  and told her agony. She also said that why she came to the riverside.  Sri Vijayadasaru said “that’s alright, why are you killing this innocent infant”. Dasaru enquired why you have covered the baby ‘s entire  body with clothes  Dasaru asked her remove  cloth on the body of the child immediately she said “no Dasare, you cannot see the child”. Dasaru said its alright please remove let me see and   nothing  will happen.  Slowly she removed the cloth on the body of the baby  at that time the child was quaking in the cold weather and also suffering from severe skin disease. The body was full of rashes and the blood  was oozing from the body of the baby. Baby was  crying  unable to bear the pain.

By seeing the plight of the baby  Sri Vijayadasaru touched the body of the baby the touch was divine it is a touch of Sri BrughuMarashigalu at that time Sun God is peeping from the clouds to see this great event and the Moon God is worrying about the missing of this event. The birds are moving from their nests for searching their  lively hood and they are flying happily by making beautiful sounds. slowly the baby started becoming normal. The mother of the baby astonished  by seeing this incident and she cannot believe with her own eyes.  She thought that Lord Sri Hari had sent this Dasaru to rescue her .  she did  namaskara  to the Dasaru.

After the baby became normal. Sri Vijayadasaru  told to that woman you need not go any where I will look after this baby like a my own Son and Sri Vijayadasaru  assured her and he also said  from now onwards you will stay as my sister. by hearing the words of Sri Vijayadasaru and her joy as no bounds.

Sri Vijayadasaru  gave the name to the baby as Mohana because the face of the baby is round and very beautiful looking like moon on Pournime day. One auspicious day shri Vijayadaasaru ordained “Mohan vitthala” ankita to young Mohana then he became Sri Mohana dasaru and wrote many kruthis ,Suladis and Ughaboghagalus with his Ankithanama as Mohanavittala.

His “KoluHaadu” is one of the most famous among his kruthis. Sri Mohandasaru is fond of Sri Vijayadasaru and who has given re-birth with  the name and fame .

Sri Mohanadasaru  has written many kruthis  admiring Sri Vijayadasaru as one of the kruthi goes like this “Vijayarayara paada Nijavaagi Nambalu……..

SriBarathi Ramana Mukhya Prana antargatha SriKrishnarapanamastu

To be Continued………..

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,
Purnapragnya Tritiyasto Bhagavatkaryasadhaka !!!
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“namah sripAdarAjAya namastE vyAsa yOgine namah purandarAryAya vijayAryAya te namaha”

In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,
Venkatesh Rajendra Rao


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