Article based on Sri Vijayadasaru -Part1

Om Sri Vijayendra Sri Sudeendra Sri Raghutama Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!

The below series on Sri Sri Vijayadasaru is the courtesy of Sri.Chippagiri Mohan. Thanks a lot to him for writing this series on briGu amshavadha Sri Vijaya Dasaru.


Article based on Chippagiri Nilaya Sri Vijayadasaru-Part1

-Chippagiri Mohan

“Smarisuve Naa Nimma Charana Kamala Guru Vijayaraya
Sharanu Janapriya Parama Karuna nidhi Vijayaraya”

Sri Vijayadasaru came to this world to preach Sri Madhwacharya’s Philosophy through his krutis, Suladis and Ughabhogagalu. Sri Vijayadasaru earned laurels. With his great entry, nearly after 100 years, the Haridasa Sahithya took second birth along with   Sri Vijayadasaru’s  entry to the Dasa Sahithya was a glorious period which should be written in golden letters. As Aparoksha Jnani Dasaruâ’s works are excellent and magnificent which requires broad spectrum knowledge of shashtra to understand properly, at the same time they look simple in linguistic approach which can also be understood easily. Under his foot steps many Haridasaru continued to contribute and continued the legacy of dasa sahitya.

As per resources, Sri Purandaradasaru completed 4,25,000 kruthis and Sri Purandara Dasara wished  to complete 5 Lakhs Kruthis, however, dasaru could not complete it. Thus shri dasaru told to his son Sri Madhwapathi Vittaladasaru to complete remaining  25000 kruthis in the next birth. Accordingly, Sri Vijayadasaru  fulfilled the wish and completed with the Ankithanama of VijayaVithala!

Sri Vijayadasaru & Sri Gopaladasaru

When Bhaganna was practicing Astrology in Adawani, that time Sri Vijayadasaru visited Bhaganna and said Bhaghanna what ever the business you did for all these years is enough, close your business and follow me. Bhaganna did not say anything and followed the master. Shri Vijayadasaru bestowed him as Shri GopalaVithala ankita and Bhaganna never thought that he will become famous as Gopala Dasaru one day. At that time he had Strong faith and  belief in himself. Sri Gopaladasaru has written many Ughaboghagas, Devaranamagalu and Pada Suladigalu under the Gopalvittala Ankitha. He has written many krithis on his master Sri Vijayarayaru. One of the greatest achievements in the life of Sri Gopaladasaru was that, with the order from his beloved Guru Sri Vijayadasaru, he has donated 40 years of his life to Manavi Sri Shrinivasacharya who later popularly known as Shri Jagannatha Dasaru.  In coming days  I will be narrating some more incidents between  Sri Vijayaraya and Sri Gopaladasaru.

Sri Vijayadasaru and Sri Jagannathadasaru
When Sri Vijayadasaru returned from Kashi he decided to do Kashi Samaradhane.  Sri Vijayadasaru told Gopaladasaru to invite Manavi Shreenivasacharya, a Shanbog, great scholar and a Sudha pandit  of that village  for the Kashi Samaradhane .As per instructions, Sri Gopala Dasaru visited the house of Shreenivasacharya and invited for the Kashi Samaradhane which his Guru Sri Vijayadasaru is performing.  Initially Shreenivasacharya rejected and finally agreed to attend the function.  After inviting him he left that place and informed to Sri Vijayadasaru that Shreenivasacharya agreed to attend the function.

Next day Sree Vijayadasaru completed all puje as ususal .  Prasada time arrived, Shreenivasacharya did not turn up.  The Sun was very hot, many followers of Shree Vijayadasaru came and they all were eagerly waiting for the Tirta-Prasada and people started talking about  Shreenivasacharya. Soon the news spread like a fire about Shreenivasacharya’s absence for the Kashi Samaradhane and different stories were pouring on about the absence.

Sri Vijayadasaru called Gopala Dasaru and asked him to once again visit Shreenivasacharyaâ’s house to remind him about samaradhane. Gopala dasaru immediately left to the house of Shreenivasacharya. At that time Shreenivasa charya was sitting on arm chair and eating betel leaves and relaxing after seeing Gopala dasaru, he lifted his head, by seeing Shreenivasacharyaâ’s position Gopala dasaru thought he has taken the lunch and he expected something is happening, slowly he  remembered about his visit to the house of Sri Vijayadasaru for the prasadam . Shreenivasacharya replied Yes, I remember about my visit to the Dasaru house, but today I have finished my daily rituals  very early and  I have finished my lunch because, since morning I am suffering from stomach ache , Shreenivasacharya lied  to Dasaru about the reason for his absence.  By hearing the answer of the Shreenivasacharya, Gopala dasaru said let it happen like that only and walked out slowly from that place .

Afterwards he informed Sri Vijayadasaru about what had happened there. Sri Vijayadasaru then sat and completed his prasada and also told the other people who came there to have their food without uttering any word against Shreenivasacharya.

On that night trouble started in the body of the Shreenivasacharya. His stomach pain really started, he could not get proper sleep on that night . Next day morning doctor visited the house of Shreenivasacharya and gave some medicines. After the taking medicines he thought it could relieve the pain. But instead his pain augmented. He decided to go to pilgrimage   to pray the lord to rescue from the pain. First he visited Pandharipura, Tirumala and Udupi, Ghatikachala even going and worshipping in this places he could not be relieved of the stomach pain. Finally he visited Mantralaya and performed seven days seva, there on the last day of the seva he slept in the compound of temple .

On that night Rayaru came in the dreams and told  Shreenivasacharya you have committed a blunder by not going to the house of Sri Vijayadasaru who is a Brughu Maharshi Amsha you bluntly neglected his invitation because you had Ahankara that you are a great scholar and you thought why should you attend that function and also you said simply that you are having stomach pain to the Gopaladasaru. These are the grave mistakes are committed in your life. Now also I cannot solve your stomach ache. Only Vijayadasaru can cure your ache,take this Mantrashthe and go to Vijayadasaru tomorrow morning it self and Rayaru disappeared in the dreams of the Shreenivasacharya. Next day morning Shreenivasacharya rushed to Sri Vijayadasaru place and stand outside waiting for him.

Bhaganna informed Sri Vijayadasaru about the arrival of Shrinivasacharya Sri Vijayadasaru told Bhaganna to call him inside. As soon as Shrinivasacharya saw Sri Vijayadasaru he did sashtanga namaskara(prostrate) to Sri Vijayadasaru and cried loudly. Sri Vijayadasaru put his hand on the shoulders of Shrinivasacharya and lifted him up, don’t worry Shrinivasacharya he said calmly, I know that you are suffering from stomach pain. And he immediately ordered Bhaganna to prepare two Joladi Roti (Jowar Rotis) and give to Shrinivasacharya.

According to the instructions he has given two rotis to Shrinivasacharya after eating the Rotis slowly the pain was relieved and he felt happy about the cure of his ailment, from that day onwards Shrinivasacharya left his ahankara and started serving Sri Vijayadasaru. As days  passed Bhaganna and Shrinivasacharya became close friends and they used to discuss about the shastras and vedas and they used to clear the doubts from their master Sri Vijayadasaru.

One night when every body were asleep Sri Vijayadasaru called Bhaganna to his room and said Bhaganna your service is required now for what ever the service you are doing your name will stay long live. For some time Bhaganna could not understand what his guru is saying slowly Bhaganna asked his guru what is the help you are   expecting from me please let me know clearly, for the curiosity of Bhaghanna Sri Vijayadasaru replied you have to donate 40 years of life to Shrinivasacharya and next he will be getting the Ankitanama in the Pandarapura. Immediately after listening this from his master and said why are you giving reasons to me simply you order me and I will obey it .You are the person who nourished me and showed path towards the Lord otherwise I would have been busy in my astrology business, you are my swaroopodharaka Guru.

According to their plans  every thing was over. From then onwards he had written many kruthis, Ughabogas , and he has also written kruthis on his master. He has written great Grantha in the Sri Madhwacharya philosophy called SrimadHarikathamrutasara in the Bhaminishatpadhi . It all happened with the blessings from Sri Vijayadasaru. Sri Vijayadasaru has changed the life of the Shrinivasacharya to Shri Jagannathadasaru.   that’s why Sri Jagannathadasaru showered with great respects on Sri Vijayadasaru by writing as   Ratuna Dorakithalla Enageâ

–To be continued

!!! Prathamo Hanuman Nama, Dvitiyo Bhimayevacha,
Purnapragnya Tritiyasto Bhagavatkaryasadhaka !!!
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“namah sripAdarAjAya namastE vyAsa yOgine namah purandarAryAya vijayAryAya te namaha”

In the service of Sri Harih Vayu Gurugalu,

Venkatesh Rajendran

~Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu~


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  1. namo laxminrusimha,

    thank u very much for the photos upoaded and articles written in this website. as guruprerane seva practice is going on and i am bleseed by reading these incidents written.

    thank u.

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