Ankita as Jagannatha vittala…

Jagannathadasaru & Vijayadasaru

Sri Srinivasacharyaru, son of Karnika Narasimhacharya, had studied under Varadendra Thirtharu and had a profound knowledge of Madhwa Shastra. He had done 108 times sudha mangala. Because of his great panditya in Sanskrit he was neglecting Dasaru.

Once Vijayadasaru had visited Srinivasacharyaru’s place. He had sent his shishya to invite Jagannatha Dasaru for Theerthaprasada. Srinivasachar agreed to come. After the pooja is over, Vijayadasaru, sent his disciple to call acharyaru for the bhojana time to come, Srinivasacharya told that he suffering from Stomach pain, and could not come. Vijayadasaru did not say anything, said OK and had his Theertha prasada. After this incident, immediately Srinivasacharya developed severa stomach pain, but could not controlled by any medicine. He was restless, not getting sleep at all, not able to eat anything. Day by day, the pain grew and it was untollerable.

He went to Tirupathi, Mantralaya, Ghatakachala, everywhere in vain. Rayaru came in his dream and asked him to meet Vijayadasaru only for remedy. So, he came back to Vijayadasaru and sought his excuse for his ignoring Dasaru. Vijayadasaru immediately directed Gopaladasaru to give Ayurdana of 40 years. Gopaladasaru readily agreed and he gave 40 years of his life to Srinivasacharyaru. Then he got ankitha in Chandrabhaga river by Sri Purandaradasaru as “Jagannathavittala”, and henever turned back, he went on to write Harikathamruthasara, and many many devotional songs in Kannada and Sanskrit. He has done Theertha yathre not less than 18 times during his life time.

As Sri Vijayadasaru has written so many suladees, he is popularly called as “Suladi Dasaru”.

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One thought on “Ankita as Jagannatha vittala…

  1. I am looking for lakshmi hrudaya, translated by jagannatha dasaru in kannada. The original is in sanskrit, “sri manohare lakumi thava pada thamarasa bhajipe nityadi”, is the beginning of the kannada version,

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