The three powerful slokas

Guru Rayaru

The power of Sri Sri Raghavendra Theertha cant be expressed in words, but only at the time of his blessings we can feel! He is called as Kalyyuga kalpatharu,kamadhenu. Sri Appanacharaya, one of his strong devotees, has composed Sri Raghavendra Stotram beautifully for all of us and the 3rd sloka esp narrates Sri Rayaru mahima, see below

All their desires will be fulfilled for those who devote themselves unto the lotus-like feet of Sri Sri Raghavendra Swamy. His merciful grace will destroy mountainous sins. May Sri Raghavendra Swamy of such fame protect us always!

And here in this post, I would like to post the powerful slokas which praises our Guru Sri Raghavendra Theertha. He is the only saint who can destroy all our sins in this kalyyuga and also the only saint who can get the blessings of Lord Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu.

1)Poojyaaya raghaveandraaya satyadharmaratayacha
Bhajataam kalpavrukshaaya namataam

I bow to Sri Raghavendra Swamy of the following reputation:Revered; he
guides us in the straight path of truth and good conduct; He fulfils the
prayers of devotees completely just like the divine tree (kalpavrisksha)
and the holy cow (kamadenu). (I)

2)Aapaadamauliparyatam guroonaamakrutim smareat
Teana vighnaha pranashyanti sishayaticha manorataha

If one reminiscences on Sri Raghavendra Guru.s figure from his feet to
his head, then all obstructions will be removed and desires fulfilled. (II)

3)Doorvaadidvaantaravaea vaishnaveandeevareandavea
Sri raghaveandraguruvea namotyantadayaluvea

He is like the sun in removing the darkness of propagation of untruth; He
is like the moon in causing the flowering up of the devotees of Sri
Vishnu; He is merciful to the greatest extent. I bow to Sri Guru
Raghavendra. (III)

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3 thoughts on “The three powerful slokas

  1. Namaste,
    I am humbled by your devotion and grateful for your teaching me through this website.
    I learned how to recite Sloka #1 and #3 utilizing the posted “AnuRaghavendraStothram” at the website. Is there an audio and/or video online so to learn Sloka #2? What is the origin of Sloka #2, as it is not listed here )?
    I appreciate the translation for the Sri YantroddhAraka Hanumatstotram. Is there an audio and/or video so that I may learn to recite the Sanskrit correctly?
    I am learning the Raghavendra Stotra, and I have about 10 more to learn.

    • Namasthe, thanks for your comments. You can get CD’s sung by Sri Vidyabhusana in your nearby cassette shop… If you are in Chennai, visit Amman Pathipakkam,Triplicane..hare Sreenivasaa

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