Mangalacharana shloka of Tatparya Chandrika by Sri Sri Vyasarajaru

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

The below article is written by my Guru Dr.B.Basker Rao, who is also called as Upanyasa Chakravarthy. My sincere thanks to him for presenting such a nice article on one of the works of Sri Sri Vyasa Tirtha called “Tatparya Chandrika”.


The Tatparya Chandrika is one of the Triratnas of Sri Vyasaraja Swami. It is like the pleasant moon shine (chandrika) on the Tatva Tatparya of Sri Madhwacharya. The mangalacharana shloka of the grantha is as follows:

asprashta dosha gandaaya kalyaana guna sindhave |
namo namo bhakthi mukthi daayine sesha saayine ||

The author highlights the supremacy of the Lord and one who is not touched even by a fringe of a defect at the same time having a sea of best qualities. He salutes to the great Narayana who reclaines on the Ksheera samudhra and who is the giver of Bhakti and Mukti.

Sri Rayaru in the Pratahsankalpa Gadhya says ‘Mukti prada bhakti naamaka rupa visheshaih…’

Let our Mantralaya mahaprabhu Sri Sri Raghavendra Theertha bless all of us!

Om Sri Guru Rayarigae Namo namaha!

Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu!


3 thoughts on “Mangalacharana shloka of Tatparya Chandrika by Sri Sri Vyasarajaru

  1. Hard work has been put in .In this kali yuga we are proud to get people like you doing sattvika work.May god bless you

  2. Namasakaragalu,

    Thank You for giving us the knowledge of Great Yatigallu. Let Him give the same strength to all of you. Wishing You the Best for further episodes of Such Great Yathis.

    Thanks Once Again. for Educating us

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