Sri Vijaydasara visit to Mantraalayaa

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Article by my Guru Sri Dr.B.Basker is posted below on this day of our Great Guru Sri Sri Mantralaya Prabhu and kalpavruksha Sri Raghavendra Theertharu – the only saint who can help us in this kalyyuga


Sri Vijaydasara visit to Mantraalayaa

-Dr.B. Basker


Sri Raghavendra Theertharu

Photo is the courtesy of Sri Raghavendra Batni,US

Namaskaaraa to Haribhaktaas.

Sri Vijayadasaru was one of the most exotic flowers that bloomed in the wonderful garden of Madhva philosophy and he was one of the doyen among all the Haridaasaas. This saint, the avatara of Bhrighu muni once visited Mantraalaayaa and had the darshan of Sri Raghavendraswami. He was standing in front of the brindaavana of Sri Rayaru when suddenly he felt the whole scene before him underdoing a sudden transformation. The brindavana was no longer there and what did he visualise there was inexplicable.He saw Sri Rayaru sitting majestically in a yogic posture and the effulgence around His Holiness was blindening. Around the swamiji the saint could see Sri Raamachandramoorthy,Sri Krishna Paramaathma,Sri Vedavyaasadevaru and Sri Narasimhamoorthy and in great ecstacy He started to sing a beautiful devaranaama on Rayaru in bhairavi raagaa.(Incidentally the onlysong of Sri Rayaru was also in the same raagaa).

“Nodide Gurugala Nodide shtitiyolage pratiyillage…vijayavittalana mereva gurugala nodide.”

In this song Sri Viayarayaru praises Sri Rayaru as having done a yaga here during Prahlada avataara and a saint of pures heart shining like a sun and teaching madhwa shastra for deserving souls and also blesses his choicest devotees of not only His Holy darshan but also the darshan of senior saints with His grace. He also mentions Raama Narahari Krishna krishnaa in due course of the song which stands testimony to the four dieties He had had darshan as mentioned above.(here krishnaa and krishnaa means Vasudeva krishna and also Vaasishta Krishna who is none other than Lord Vedavyaasa devaru.

He could also behold what was going to happen in the years to come at Maanchaale.

Let us pray reverentially to both the Gurus to take our hand and enable us to climb the ladder of sadhana and reach the Holy feet of Sri Harih.

Yours in the service of Sri Harih.
Dr.B. Basker


Hare Srinivasa!!


3 thoughts on “Sri Vijaydasara visit to Mantraalayaa

  1. Sri Raghavendra Gurugala maha mahimeyannu bannisalu Sri Vijaya Dasaranthaha maha mahima shreshtariga matra sadhya. Pamarariga idu asadhya. Sri Rayaru hagu Sri Dasaru madhwa matada manikyagalu. Namaskara

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