Sri Rama Navami wishes!!

|| Sri Moola Ramao Vijayathe ||

|| Sri Dig Vijaya Ramao Vijayathe ||

|| Sri Gopala Krishna Vijayathe||

|| Sri Gopinatho Vijayathe||



During His sojourn to various Divya Kshetras, Sri Vadiraja Swami happened to come to Tirupathi on a RAAMA NAVAMI DAY. At that time he presented a garland of Shalagramas which he had just got from Nepal to the Lord of the Seven Hills. This still adorns the Lord.

The ever compassionate Lord was extremely pleased with His dear devotee and gave darshan as Sri Raama to Saint.

The saint was overwhelmed and sang a song whose Anupallavi runs as under:
“Raama dasharatha Nandana Raghu Kulaabdi Soma Sundara Vadanaa….”


Let Sri Ramachandra moorthy bless all of us on this special day !!!

In the service of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu,

Venkatesh Rao.


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