Dwadasha stotra by Sri Madhvacharyaru!

|| Hare Srinivasa ||

This is the video from the Kannada movie Sri Madhwacharya by GV Iyer. This movie documents the life of a 12th century Indian philosopher and religious leader.

In this Sanskrit language song, Madhwacharya is shown singing his trademark composition called the “Dwadasha stotra” (meaning “12 hymns”). One of the stotras is “Vande Vandyan sadhanandham “Sung by Bala Murali Krishna, which you can find below,

|| Hare Srinivasa ||


3 thoughts on “Dwadasha stotra by Sri Madhvacharyaru!

  1. Sir,

    Highly spiritually divine information, which is a boon to moorkhaas like me. Please continue your service to like minded people.

    Best regards.

  2. Dear Venky,

    I had the pleasure of reading your profile, expecting the profile to be that of an elderly person, a few seconds back and I am pleasantly surprised that your are young. At such a young age, you have been of great serivce to society. Please continue your good work.

    Best wishes to you, your parents and all your near and ones.

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