An Appeal from Chromepet Madhva Seva Trust!

An Appeal

Sri Madhvacharya

I hereby, post the appeal from “Chrompet Madhva seva trust” for all your attention.


Hare Srinivasa!

Chromepet Madhva Seva Trust (Formerly known as Madhva Sangha) has been  performing yeoman services to the Madhva Community around Chromepet & Tambaram surroundings at Chennai for more than last four decades (forty-three years). One of its primary objectives is to disseminate and propagate Sri Madhva’s teachings in local language through lectures and print media. It has also been releasing annual handbooks during every Ugadi containing valuable information for the benefit of all Madhva’s.

Over the past five years, the Trust has been carrying out the first-of-its kind, gigantic task of translating the entire Sriman Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, Magnum Opus of Sri Madhva in Tamil in ten volumes. This work of Acharya is a magnificent work containing more than 5200 verses in Sanskrit. It is an epitome of Bharatha and serves as an encyclopedia of Madhva Premeyas. Being an important work of Sarva Moola Sastra, it dispels all doubts in scriptural literature. This unique Tamil translation carries original slokas in Devanagari and Tamil scripts, translations and exhaustive notes with elucidatory explanations. This work is being published as a Seva to Lord Vayudeva without any pecuniary motive.

This work is being authored by renowned Madhva Scholar and Managing Trustee of the Trust, Shri. R.Sridharan. Thus far, three volumes have already been published and the fourth one is being planned to be released during February 2009. The remaining six volumes have also been planned to be released within the next two years timeframe.

Such a huge project needs ample funds for publication. Owing to financial constraints, the Trust has been publishing only limited copies until now. The Trust is now making an appeal to all the noble souls of the Madhva community to contribute generously to help successful implementation of the project.

Any donors contributing Rs.2,000/- or more would receive all volumes free of cost and without any courier charges, with the first three volumes discharged immediately.

Interested people are requested to send their cheques / DD’s favoring “Chromepet Madhva Seva Trust” to the following address along with their name and full correspondence address:

Chromepet Madhva Seva Trust

No: 2/14, School Street, Radha Nagar

Chromepet, Chennai – 600 044

Ph: 91-44-2265 1964. Email:

You may also contact Ganesh Gururajan at +91-99625 82821 / for any queries.

Thanking You,

Managing Trustee (Chromepet Madhva Seva Trust)


|| Jai Sri Ramachandra Prabhu ||


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