About Sri Sri Vijaya Dasaru!!

Sri Sri Vijaya Dasaru




Sri  Vijaya  Dasa  is  one  of  the most  renowed  scholar   and philosopher in Dwaita philosophy as well in Dasa Sahitya.  He  is being  compared like how all mandwa community (Hari Bhakta’s)  to Jaya  Thirtha pada and for Haridasa community Sri Purandara  Dasa to  Sri  Vijaya dasaru.  Vijaya means win and he is the  one  who knows how win the heart of Hari and Hari Bhakta in his Hari  Dasa  Sahitya’s creations.


History  :  Historically speaking, in Adi Yuga or KRutha Yuga  he was  the  disciple  of Naarada, THretha YUga he is  known  to  be  Suraleela  known  to be monkey (vanara), in DWapara  YUga  he  is traced  as Nikampana (Yadaava) and in Kali yuga he is born  as  a  calf  and then as a brahmin.  He is knowwn to be decent of  Bruga Muni  and  he is known to be called TAAratamya saint.   There  is  story behind this when Narada asked Bruga Muni who is the supreme among Brhma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.  He is the first Rushi to say  that  Hari Sarvothama, then Sri Devi later Brahama,  Vayu,  Indra etc.


Birth : He was born in a very poor Brahmin family in Chekalaparvi of  Manwi  Taluk  in  Raichur  District.   His  parents  are  Sri  Srinivasappa  and Kusamma.  He went to Kashi (Varanasi) for  four  years for studies and returned to  his native.


He  was married to Aralamma Sadhwi at the age of 16 and had  both sweet  and bitter family life because of low income.   After  his  parents death, again he went to Kashi (Varanasi).  He became full  fledged  sanskrit scholar and Saraswathi were to be there in  his tongue always.  One fine day he dreamt of Sri Purandara Dasa  and  telling  him  ‘Vijay Vittala’ (Ankitha) (Namakitha) and  had  his blessings.   He  became  Vijaya  Dasa  in  lieu  of  Vijaya  Rao.   Whatever  he has written it became Dasa shresta grantha or  poems  in Madhwa community


Works  :  In  Dasa  Sahitya he is one  of  the  elite  saint  who struggled  to  popularise the works  of  Dwaita,  Srimadacharya’s  works, and Hari Bhakti mala’s.  He has written about 25,000 Padya Sulyadi  i.e *UGAHA BHOGHA* ‘s , his works are  called  kalasha’s  creataions,   Urasu’s   creations.   In   Kannada   sahitya   his literary works is great and it is said that his works stands next  to  the  great  Sri Purandara Dasa and he  is  also  called  Dasa Shresta.


Miracles  :  He saved mother and a kid who was about to  die  and sing a song on Hari and looked after them as part of his  family.   Later  that  kid became his disciple and  called  Mohana  Dasaru.  Again  same  Mohan Dasaru was died accidently and  he  saved  him and given life to him. He  gave  rebirth  to his own son from his life of  4  years  and


another 7 years from some body.  He  went  to Kashi thrice and took a dip in  Holy  Ganges  during spate  and  also  put padmasana over the  flowing  river  without  getting wet of his clothes and body. Sri Vijaydasaru also made to translate Sudha in lay man’s  mouth,  who use to bring water to him.   Seeing  his  brilliance and scholarly attitude  he  has  enormous  followers  and disciples.  His followers include  Sri  Jagannatha  Dasaru  who has given the world with ‘Harikathamrutha Sara’,  Sri  Gopala Dasaru, Kallur Subramanya Charya etc.He  lived  upto 79 years giving the world path to the  peace  and  Hari bhakti through Dasa Sahitya.


His annual ‘Aradhana’ is being held in a place called  Chippgiri, it is 5 Kms from Guntakal Station and only buses will reach  this  place.   Every  year  Karthika Shudda Navami,  Dashmi  and  Utwan Dwadashi his aradhana is being held in ‘Sri Vijaya Dasara  Katte’  (Vrundavana)  of the above place.  Thousands of people  from  the Madwa  community  attend  and take darshan on  these  days.   Sri  Gopala Dasaru has constructed Anjaneya (Sri Mukhya Prana  Devaru) temple  in front of the ‘Katte’.  There is a story that there  is small pond very near to the ‘Katte’, where Sri Vijaya Dasaru  has brought  Ganges on the third time he went to kashi and  given  to  his  disciples, and it is now known it as ‘Vijaya  Thirtha’.   In this  Chippgiri there is old house where Sri Vijay dasaru  lived, Mahadeva  Temple, Srinivasa Temple, there is cave which  is  also known to be Sun God’s meditated place.


Even to-day there is saying that every day Sri Vijay Dasaru  will take bath in Vijay Thirtha and clean the Mukya Prana temple.  One  of the temple servant is eyewitness to this miracle.


||| Jai Sri Ramachandra Prabhu |||


5 thoughts on “About Sri Sri Vijaya Dasaru!!

  1. I was happy to read the information about sri Vijaya dasaru. But this is known to most of the Madhvas who have minimum background. But I want to know more about the house of dasaru. The Google info about mortal remains of Dasaru needs to be changed as he was crmated at that place. as a gruhasta, his mortal remains will not be there.

  2. I feel blessed to have visited Chikalparvi and Chippagiri. I brought the rice kept on the sanekallu from Chikalparvi. Unfortunately, I misplaced the sacred rice 😦
    Hope dasaru forgives me….

  3. Thank you so much for this article. Would love to hear from you. I am a direct descent of Vijaya Dasa along with 6 other siblings. My Father was C.H. Hanumantha Das and my grandfather was Hari Das.

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