Doctors administer medicine: But the patients are cured only by the LORD!

Doctors administer medicine: But the patients are cured only by the LORD!

In this article i will be posting an interesting miracle which was performed by our Guru Sri Raghavendra theerthar few years back.


~~~Courtesy of Doctor Dr. N.Premavathi M.D;DGO, Mettur.Salem,Tamilnadu,India~~~

How Sri Raghavendra Swamy has showered his Blessings to one of my Patient and saved her Life in a critical situation.

One Patient Mrs.Lourdhu Mary W/o Mr. John Fernandus aged 20 years was admitted at our Hospital 0n 25th Jan 2007 for safe delivery.

On routine scan checkups it was seen that she is having twin babies

Following conditions were noted :

She was having

1) High Blood Pressure,

2) Swelling in both the legs.

3) Swelling in the abdomen.

4) Puffiness of the face etc

All these conditions clearly indicated that her delivery will not be a normal one but will be a caesarean operation .The theatre was made ready to handle any emergency.

As the chances for Normal Delivery was minimal and as both babies are to be delivered in good condition it was decided on 26.1.2007 to operate and a team of doctors assembled . The operation started at 5:55 PM.

The 1st baby was born at 6:09 PM and the 2nd one was taken out one minute later at 6:10 PM and the operation was running smoothly. All routine precautionary measures were taken to revive the mother and baby and to control bleeding and the Uterus to Contract.

The Operation was competed by 6.45 PM.And the Doctors were cleaning their hands and preparing to leave the operation theatre.

When the last precautionary checks were being done it was discovered that

there was some bleeding which was normal for an operation and injections were immediately given to stop the bleeding. It takes normally 5 minutes to control any type of beading and in worst case it takes about 10 minutes to stop.

But even after 10 minutes the bleeding has not stopped which was a rare phenomenon.

Suddenly an alarm was raised and all the assisting doctors were summoned to monitor the condition and take care of the situation.

Blood was pouring as if from a tap .The time is now 7:05 PM

All medicines stacked for such an emergency at the operation theatre were tried but without desired result.

Any normal cesarean operation takes only 40-60 minutes at the most and the patient will be shifted comfortably to the ward in about 60 minutes time .All the doctors inside postponed their next appointments as they are held up in a real emergency . As the bleeding was not controlled even after so many injections search for blood to be given was launched and arranged to make up for the loss of blood .As blood loss beyond certain limit will lead to shock to the patient and death.

Every measure as per text book teaching and all methods humanly possibly were done. More than 2 hours has elapsed from the start of operation The time is now 7:35 PM and there is no improvement in the non stop blood flow.

Suddenly I prayed lord Raghavendra to save the patient and kept on praying .During the prayer it suddenly appeared to me to try one more medicine (Inj. Botropase) and searched for it.

As it was not available in the tray I asked my staff to bring it from the Drug Tray on my consultation table downstairs. The time is now 8:05 PM .

In this intense hurry burry situation the staff couldn’t identify the injection and intelligently she brought the whole tray containing all the injections

When the tray came not only the medicine came inside — along came a laminated pocket size Photo of Sri Ragavaendra Swami which was given to me as a Prasadam at A.Pauparapatty during monthly Satyanarayana pooja ( I always keep this Photo in the Tray) . On seeing the lord I was blessed and that injection was given to the Patientat 8:10 PM.

To our Surprise the Bleeding stopped in 10 min and we realised that Swamiji himself has visited the Operation theatre he has stopped the bleeding and saved our Patient. During the next 12 hour night vigil and hourly check not even a thin blood stain was detected. We have never faced any such problem in the theatre from date of opening 1995 or in my whole history of theatre experience running over a period of 25 years . Now she is fine with her Two Male babies named : ———.

And she is very eager to say thanks to the lord at Pauparapatty by conducting Thulabaram after her children grow up .

This is only one sample among a lot of similar miracles in which Sri Raghavendra Swamiji has used me as an instrument and saved patients.

Doctors administer only medicine : but the patients are cured only by the LORD!!


Jai Sri Ramachandra Prabhu!!!

Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama!!!


10 thoughts on “Doctors administer medicine: But the patients are cured only by the LORD!

  1. It is a great miracle perhaps. Sri Raghavednra Swamiji is divine boon to all those who pray him. Prayers to him never go a waste! His darshan itself washes out all our papas and gives immense happiness.

  2. Really I am filled with tears after readin this… Miracles of Raghavendra swamy is countless and to each person it makes a lot of difference in life like the one here… that is the reason he is called Kamadhenu… gives watever asked for…
    Jai Sri Guru Raghavendra..
    This feels us to have more faith in god….
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I am filled with tears rolling out of cheek after reading this..
    He is Karunasagara,kalpatharu,kamadhenu.Thanks for posting such a emotional,wonderful miracle

  4. I am so much surprised after reading this miracle.Raghavendra Swamy is really great.He is one of the Mystic Personality and he protects his devotee”s all the time.

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