Vishnutatva Vinirnaya by Sri Madhvacharya!

||||Sri Gurubyo Namaha Hariyi Om||||

||||Sri Anandatheertharey Namaha||||

||||Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha||||

Dear Sri Hari devotees,

Sri Madhvacharya has written more than 37 auspicious works

Among them, Sri Vishnutatva Vinirnaya is most famous and powerful one which proves the Supremacy of Sri Hari. Hereby, am proud to upload the same grantha in this blog which was translated by Prof. K.T . Pandurangi. 🙂

Contents of Sri Vishnutatva Vinirnaya is as follows :-

Chapter-1 :-

. Establishing the Pramana or Evidence.
• Establishing the difference between Soul and the God with the help of Scriptures.
• Establishing the difference between Soul and the God with the help of experience.

Chapter-2 :-
• Supremacy of Lord Visnu is Established

• Infinite Auspicious qualities of Vinsu are established

Please click here to download your copy.

Please read this auspicious book with bhakthi and get blessings from Sri Vayu devaru(Sri Madhvacharya) and our Gurugalu.

Let our Lord Sri Hari bless all of us!!!

(Whom) it is possible to know well only from good scriptures, (who is) comprehensively beyond all that is destructible and indestructible; (that) Nârâyana I worship always, who is flawless and of the nature of an uncountable number of good qualities.

Preenayamo Vasudevam Devatha ManDala KanDanMandanam!!! Preenayamo Vasudevam!!—- Sri Madhvacharya |||


8 thoughts on “Vishnutatva Vinirnaya by Sri Madhvacharya!

  1. Sir, I have been searching for lyrics of ‘Preenayamo Vasudevam’ but not able to obtain on web.Do you know any link where I can download.It can be in Kannada, English or Devanagari



  2. I found Preenayamo in English but I need the same in Kannada. If you can help me it would be great. Hari Sarvotama Vaayu Jeevotama.

  3. I have placed the translation of Shri Madhva’s commentaries on Gita and upanishad’s on my web site http// Ifinterested you mayaccess thanks.for free down load

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