Navagraha Stotra&Lord Hayagriiva Sampada Stotra by Sri Vadhirajaru!

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Riju yogi Sri Vadirajaru

Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha — a short sketch

Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha is the second highest saint in the Mâdhva hierarchy, being next only to Srimad Ananda Tîrtha himself, in the târatamya. He is widely regarded as being the incarnation of Lâtavya, a rju-tâtvika-yogi has a two-year spell “in office” at the and the successor to Mukhya PrâNa.

Therefore, even though he nominally had Sri Vyâsa Tîrtha as a guru, he acknowledges only Srimad Ananda Tîrtha himself, as his preceptor. He is an outstanding poet, a very pugnacious opponent, and a most ardent devotee. He is also responsible for creating the paryâya system of rotation, according to which each of the eight Udupi ashhTa-MaTha-sKrishna temple in Udupi, with each getting a turn sometime during a sixteen-year cycle. By instituting this system, Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha changed the previous one of each MaTha getting a two-month term of administration, which had been started by Srimad Ananda Tîrtha himself, and that had started to degenerate.

It is without a doubt that of all the saints in the Mâdhva hierarchy, only Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha had the stature to explicitly recast a system that had been formulated by Srimad Ananda Tîrtha himself. Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha’s criticisms of countervailing philosophies and schools are carried out with a poet’s flair, and always have a raw appeal even to the unschooled, because of their commonsense disguise — he often uses very simple worldly concepts and experiences to make profound points, which is in sharp contrast to the usual style of presentation that generally tends to make all metaphysics look rather otherworldly and disjointed from everyday experience and understanding.

While his poetry and prose writings in Sanskrit mark him to be an extraordinarily luminescent intellect, even in a paramparâ that boasts of many brilliant scholars, he does not make a highbrow rejection of the needs of the less scholarly, and has made significant contributions to the Hari-dâsa tradition, the vehicle to take Tattvavâda to the non-Sanskrit-literate masses, and has translated Srimad Ananda Tîrtha’s Mahâbhârata-tâtparya-nirNaya into Kannada. Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha is also well-known as the creator of many stotras, quite a few of them distinctly hortatory, that explain sophisticated concepts in relatively easy terms, and encourage the seeker to give up the bondage of material desire and seek the shelter of Vishnu.

Click below to download Sri Navagraha Stotra and Sri Hayagriva Stotra,

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Let Sri HARI VAYU GURUGALU bless all.

Hare Sri Rama HAre Sri Narasimha!!


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