YantroddhAraka Hanumatstotram in a PDF…

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama ||

Dear Sri Hari devotees,

Please download Sri YantroddhAraka Hanumatstotram which was written by Sri Vyasarajaru(previous avatara of Sri Raghavendra Theertharu) on Sri Hanuman devaru.

Download:Click this PDF

courtesy: http://www.gururaghavendra.org/



10 thoughts on “YantroddhAraka Hanumatstotram in a PDF…

  1. Thank you so much. This is a great service. this will be very helpful to me. I am going to chant this as often as I can. You will have your share of the punya !! Is there a link where I can download or listen to this beautiful sloka ?

  2. hello Sir,

    Jai Sri Ram,
    I am a devotee of lord perumal and lord Anjaneya.
    I firmly believe that whatever we ask the lord he would certainly give us and he is the one god in the whole universe.I use to come to Nanganallur every saturday.
    I gave my life in praise of the lord.I thank u for creating this community and giving this stotram.
    U can communicate to me if u need any help in expanding this community.

  3. Hi,

    This is a great website, wealth of information.
    I am looking for the lyrics of the dasara pada by Jagannatha dasaru – its first line is ‘siri ramana tava charana’…can anyone please post this full lyrics. Which is the best book for collection of dasara pada by Jagannatha dasaru and Gopala dasaru. Plesae let me know.

    – Thanks

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