Sri Madhva Philosphy.. do read! good one!




Sri Madhva Philosphy

Acharya Madhva gifted the world with the Supreme Truth which is the true import of the scriptures. Madhva’s works contain his teachings spread over 37 holy granthas.

The nine tennets of Sri Madhvacharya’s dwaita vedanta as summed up by Sri Vyasa Theertha is as follows:

Hari ParataraH

Lord Vishnu alone is Supreme and highest in all respects.

Satyam.h jagat.h

The entire universe is truely and ultimately real.


The five-fold difference is fundamental.( jeeva-isha, jeeva-jeeva, jeeva-jada, jada-isha, jada-jada )

jeevaganaH HareranucharAH

The entire group of conscious beings are all dependant on Lord Vishnu.

Neechochabhavam.h gataH

The souls are inherently graded as higher and lower according to their intrinsic ability.

MuktiH naija sukhAnubhutiH

Liberation is the enjoyment of the bliss befitting ones original form.

AmalA bhaktihiH tat.h sadhana

The means to secure liberation is pure devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Akshaditritayam.h pramanam.h

The means of knowledge is perception(pratyaksha), inference(anumana) and scriptures(Agama).

AkilAmnayaikaVedyaH HariH

Lord Vishnu alone is made known by the entire mass of scriptures.

~~~ Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu~~~



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